The three separate acts of violence over the past weekend are symptomatic of larger and deeper issues of anti-Blackness and anti-Asian sentiments in the United States. Harmful conspiracy theories have steadily gained visibility in mainstream rhetoric, media, and politics feeding hatred and promoting White Nationalism. 

While we mourn the loss of life and pain inflicted on Buffalo, Laguna Beach, and Dallas, we are also angry that while motivation in each situation is not entirely clear, it is true that in each case the shooters left their home with the intent to do harm to people with a specific skin color or ethnic background. 

Every person deserves to live without fear of harm or death because of the skin they exist in.

We are frustrated because we are here once again. We must make real our opposition to the political terror taking place around the country. It is not enough to grieve or to become angry. We must and can take action. 

Humans need a sense of belonging and will seek that out if they don’t find it. Creating strong and inclusive communities, and knowing our neighbors can prepare us to provide support for communities of color and identify those drawn to White supremacy groups.

 WATCH: PBS Newshour “How America Can Respond to White Nationalist Violence”

This manual provides a guide for those who want to “do something” about hate, not only for the immediate aftermath of a hateful act, but for years to come to improve their community.
A Community Guide For Opposing Hate

Concerned about someone you know?
Confronting Conspiracy Theories And Organized Bigotry at Home: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers

Hate crimes, an attempted crime, or a hate incident – threats, assault, and violence, or graffiti that is targeted because of race, religion, disability, gender, or sexual orientation – should be reported. Take photos if possible, write down details taking note of any words said or symbols. Even if these words or symbols don’t make sense to you, they may be helpful to the police.

Resources to learn more about hate groups:

Additional resources in multiple languages:

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