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Help Our Nebraska Neighbors Keep Food on the Table: Support LB84!

LB84 helps Nebraskans keep food on their tables. It maintains a 2021 change that fixes the SNAP “cliff effect” and helps more families get food assistance. Very simply, it makes it so that Nebraskans participating in SNAP no longer have to turn down economic opportunities to continue feeding their families. Nebraska should reward work, not discourage it.

Submitting a comment here will send an email to senators in the Health and Human Services Committee on why they should support LB84.

Tell Legislators to Respect the Voters and Oppose LB 327

For everyone to have access to the good life, we must ensure that Nebraska workers are paid a living wage. That’s why nearly 60% of Nebraskans passed a ballot initiative to increase the minimum wage to $15 and create annual cost of living adjustments. We must now all fight to protect it.

Despite strong support for this change, the Business and Labor committee advanced LB 327, meaning it will likely be heard by the legislature in the coming weeks. LB 327 would undermine our vote by severely weakening the automatic cost of living adjustments, and creating a subminimum wage for young Nebraska workers.

Why We Need the Child Tax Credit in Nebraska

Remember back in 2021 when everyone in the US with kids got an extra few hundred dollars per month in their bank accounts? And then research showed that it (the expanded federal child tax credit) cut child poverty by 40%? We thought that was pretty great!

LB 294 would provide an annual refundable tax credit up to $1,000 per child (under age 18) for families that fall within certain income levels.

How would LB294 help your family? Help us show senators that this is important to Nebraska families across the state.

Protect Postpartum Health: Share Your Story!

Healthy Families Mean Healthy Communities! Proper postpartum care improves health outcomes for new parents and newborns. We need to make sure that postpartum health care is covered by Medicaid.

Senator Wishart has introduced LB419, which extends Medicaid’s postpartum coverage from 60 days to 12 months after birth. 12% of pregnancy-related deaths occur after 42 days postpartum, and evidence shows that many of those deaths are preventable.

Tell Us Why Protecting Postpartum Health is Important to You!

Tell Congress It’s Time for Positive Immigration Laws

Congress has not meaningfully updated our immigration laws in more than 35 years, causing unnecessary harm to Nebraska families and whole communities.

Tell Nebraska’s members of Congress it’s time for positive immigration laws and stability for local families and communities.

You can use the example script provided. Choose a few points that matter most to you.

We Want To Hear Your Health Care Story!

Your Voice Makes a Difference. The work that we do at Nebraska Appleseed is driven by hearing from Nebraskans like you. Our Health Care Access Program is fighting for quality health care that is affordable and accessible for all.

By sharing your story with us, it helps us ensure that our work is community led, strengthens our calls for change by connecting policies to the lives of real Nebraskans, and builds community power by pushing for policies that actually serve our communities.

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