Medicaid is an important program that provides much-needed health care coverage to many low-income Nebraskans, which ​supports the health and wellbeing of Nebraskans and our communities. ​For over fifty years, Medicaid has provided health care coverage to hundreds of thousands of Nebraskans, helping children in Nebraska succeed in school and keeping our state’s communities healthy.  We fight to protect Medicaid and advocate for policies that help Medicaid work better for Nebraskans.

And now, Medicaid expansion provides coverage to even more adults that would not have been eligible for Medicaid in the past. Learn More about Medicaid expansion at our dedicated page.


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Stories are the most powerful form of advocacy, and we would love to hear your story. The work that we do at Nebraska Appleseed is driven by hearing from Nebraskans like you. Our Health Care Access Program is fighting for quality health care that is affordable and accessible for all. By sharing your story with us, it helps us ensure that our work is community-led, strengthens our calls for change by connecting policies to the lives of real Nebraskans, and builds community power by pushing for policies that actually serve our communities.

Have questions? Want to talk to us directly? Email Freedom at

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We need to make sure we have your permission to share your story with the people who should hear it. By typing your name in the box in the form, you are agreeing that you understand your story (and photo, if applicable) may be shared with a variety of people, including policymakers and other Nebraskans, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that everyone in Nebraska can get quality, affordable health coverage. We will not sell your story or your information to anyone. Your story may be reasonably modified for length or context, but will never be altered to include any information you did not specifically share with us. By signing here, you agree to release Nebraska Appleseed from any and all claims or liability. We will store your information in accordance with Nebraska Appleseed’s privacy policy found at:

For questions about the Medicaid expansion, please contact Appleseed’s Community Assistance Line by filling out our online form.

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