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We provide individuals with hands-on opportunities to support our work through volunteering, internships, and law clerkships. If you are interested in being a law clerk or intern please complete our electronic application form and attach a cover letter and resume. 

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There are many ways to get involved with Appleseed, and we welcome all passionate individuals who are interested in learning more about becoming engaged in our work.

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What types of volunteer opportunities interest you?
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The Nebraska Appleseed Internship Program is a hands-on way to learn about nonprofit and advocacy work in Nebraska.

Our internships are part-time, paid positions working on average 10 hours per week and we open the hiring process once each semester. To be eligible for an internship, the work must be performed within the state of Nebraska. We require all interns to have access to a personal computer and internet access. Interns may work to conduct research projects, assist with advocacy and public policy work, help with community outreach and education, and provide general office support. Interns work directly under the supervision of a program and/or support manager.

Below you can find more details on the length of internships, and the approximate time frames our applications open and when applicants are notified of a decision. Visit this page or follow our social media accounts to see when specifically our intern program applications open.


  • Application opens middle of July and decisions go out mid-August
  • 15 weeks long for a total of 150 hours


  • Application opens middle of November and decisions go out mid-December
  • 15 weeks long for a total of 150 hours


  • Application opens middle of March and decisions go out mid-April
  • 14 weeks long for a total of 140 hours

If you are doing the internship for school credit through your institution and need a decision by a date sooner than what our time frame states, please apply a semester early and indicate in your application that you are applying for the following semester and provide the notification deadline for your institution. While Appleseed-paid internships are no more than 10 hours per week, interns who will be paid through another institution (a program through your school, for instance, or an unpaid program in return for college credit) may be able to work more hours per week, based on the needs of Appleseed and their external program.

Spring 2023 application is Now CLOSED

Spring Internships Will Start January 30th And End May 12th.

    If you have any questions, please email our Sr. Program Associate, Erin Pixley, at epixley@neappleseed.org.


    Nebraska Appleseed Clerkship program offers full-time (during the summer) or part-time (during the school year) positions open to current law students that provide opportunities to experience a wide variety of public interest law. In order to be eligible for a clerkship during the school year, work must be performed within the state of Nebraska. During the summer, law clerks may perform work in any state in the country, as they are responsible for securing their own funding during that time.  Law clerks will do research, legal writing, litigation support, assist with administrative appeals and advocacy and conduct public policy research and analysis. Law clerks work directly under the supervision of Nebraska Appleseed Staff Attorneys allowing them to get one-on-one attention and direction.

    Law Clerk Application

    If you have any questions, please email our Legal Director, Robert McEwen at rmcewen@neappleseed.org.

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