Demystifying Health Care Access in Our Nebraska Communities

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Let’s talk about health, resources, and community well-being.

On Saturday, April 27, we’ll be with our friends and partners at 3Sisters for an honest community conversation about health care resources available to you, and to discuss strategies for enhancing overall health and wellness in our communities.

Saturday, April 27
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
@ 3Sisters
Inside The Center Mall
1941 S 42nd St Suite F
Omaha, NE 68105

Why “Demystifying”?

Demystifying health care access involves breaking down the barriers that prevent individuals from obtaining the medical services they need. This can include improving awareness about available resources, ensuring affordability, and promoting inclusivity for all members of society. By increasing transparency around health care options, reducing stigma associated with seeking help, and advocating for policies that prioritize accessibility, we can work towards a healthcare system that is more equitable and responsive to the needs of everyone.

Come be a part of this meaningful conversation! Together, we can foster healthy environments that cultivate thriving communities.


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