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solvING deeply rooted, interrelated systemic issues

Nebraska Appleseed works on issues directly impacting Nebraskans in urban and rural communities across the state. We use multiple strategies to advance innovative solutions that uplift our communities. In collaboration with community members and leaders, elected officials, and partner organizations, we strive to solve deeply rooted, interrelated systemic issues in a holistic approach: to fight against poverty, discrimination, and reckless indifference in four focus areas.



All children and families should have caring, safe homes. We’re committed to reforming the child welfare system by ensuring children and families receive support and intervention that strengthens families. To do this, we:

  • Ensure there are strong prevention services so families enter the child welfare system only when necessary.
  • Support children and families needs and rights when in foster care.
  • Strengthen the outcomes of young adults who age out of foster care.

We collaborate with impacted youth and families, elected officials, and communities to strengthen child welfare policies. We amplify the voices of youth and families, protect the legal rights of children through litigation, and advocate in the Nebraska Legislature.

Children and families in the child welfare system are entitled to caring, safe homes; education; medical and mental health care; substance abuse treatment, thoughtful case management, and family rehabilitation and reunification.


Building a Nebraska where everyone has a REAL chance to achieve their dreams

Regardless of people’s circumstances, everyone should have the resources and opportunities needed to thrive. Our goal is to clear a path to allow Nebraskans to have those opportunities. When we find a barrier, we attempt to address it at the root cause so that people can better move ahead. We work to:

  • Improve public assistance services and programs that help Nebraskans move ahead.
  • Create better access to education and skill development.
  • Create opportunity by increasing wages and benefits.

We try to think about the entire system. How can we ensure everyone has opportunity? What barriers exist now? What can be done to advance equity?

health care access

Ensuring access to quality, affordable health care

The health and wellbeing of our communities depends on the health and wellbeing of all Nebraskans. Health care coverage is a vital part of living a good life. Nebraskans with health insurance are physically healthier – and economically more secure. They seek out preventative care, they see a doctor when they need to, and they’re more likely to bounce back, physically and financially, from injury or illness. We work to ensure:

  • Every Nebraskan has access to affordable health coverage.
  • Every Nebraskan has the information they need to enroll in and use health insurance.

We’re working to make sure that important laws and programs that provide health care coverage like Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and the Affordable Care Act, are implemented properly in our state and that these programs are simple and easy to use.


Building vibrant, inclusive, and engaged communities

Immigrant Nebraskans have been contributing and building lives in local communities for generations. At Nebraska Appleseed, we believe that our state has everything to gain from welcoming these new residents with open hearts and minds.

A welcoming environment not only brings out everyone’s strengths, but communities also benefit from everyone’s contributions and perspectives. With this in mind, we are working to improve our immigration laws and reframe the conversation on immigration in Nebraska to reflect immigrant contributions to our communities.

Real progress depends on each and every one of us working together. To do our part, we: 

  • Work with diverse statewide leaders to build local leadership and civic participation that creates positive local, state, and federal immigration policies. 
  • Support local efforts to build welcoming and inclusive communities.
  • Educate Nebraskans to know and defend their rights at the workplace and in the community. 
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