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Access to quality, affordable, and equitable health care can be life-changing. Although the coronavirus pandemic brings uncertainty for us all, now more than ever we need to come together to fight for justice for every Nebraskan. After nearly a decade of waiting, more than 90,000 Nebraskans are newly eligible to apply for Medicaid expansion through the state of Nebraska. Expanded Medicaid coverage began on Thursday, October 1, 2020.

As of October 1, 2021, all Medicaid expansion enrollees have access to all Nebraska Medicaid benefits, including dental, vision, and over-the-counter drug coverage. Contact us if you have any questions on Medicaid expansion.

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Medicaid has expanded to cover Nebraskans who previously did not qualify. Those being paid up to 138% of the Federal Poverty Level (or up to $1,562.85/month for a household of 1 and $2,648.45/month for a household of 3) may be eligible. As of October 1, 2021, all Medicaid expansion enrollees have access to all Nebraska Medicaid benefits, including dental, vision, and over-the-counter drug coverage.


DHHS announced in June 2021 that it is no longer pursuing a plan that includes wellness and work requirements for the expansion group.


Stories are the most powerful form of advocacy, and we would love to hear your story. The work that we do at Nebraska Appleseed is driven by hearing from Nebraskans like you. Our Health Care Access Program is fighting for quality health care that is affordable and accessible for all. By sharing your story with us, it helps us ensure that our work is community-led, strengthens our calls for change by connecting policies to the lives of real Nebraskans, and builds community power by pushing for policies that actually serve our communities.

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For questions about the Medicaid expansion, please contact Appleseed’s Community Assistance Line by filling out our online form.

How did we get Medicaid expansion in Nebraska?

It took years of advocacy by community advocates, leaders, and organizations!

2013 – 2017

We saw advocates, community leaders, and organizations work to expand Medicaid through legislative efforts including five proposed bills!

In 2013, over 300 supporters gathered at the State Capitol to push for a vote on LB 577, a bill that sought to expand Medicaid.

The people were instrumental in building momentum in Nebraska – by speaking up, stepping up, and sharing their story.

2013 – 2017

Over 133,000 signatures were submitted to the Secretary of State for the Insure The Good Life petition initiative (Initiative 427) to bring Medicaid expansion to a vote in November.

Nebraska voters approved Initiative 427 to expand Medicaid to 90,000 Nebraskans. Nebraska joined 34 other states that had helped their communities access critical health care.

nebraska spoke.
honor the vote.

Nebraskans opposed the state’s unnecessary and complicated Medicaid expansion tiered benefit system plan, including the waiver.

Nebraska Appleseed filed a lawsuit seeking to ensure that state officials timely began expansion coverage.

do not waiver.
stand for expansion.

Over 400 comments opposing the state’s expansion waiver were submitted during the federal comment period. In October, the state began Medicaid expansion coverage with a tiered benefit system.

full Medicaid expansion starts

In February, Nebraska Appleseed files suit to ensure access to full benefits in Medicaid expansion.

In June, the state announced that it was ending its tiered benefit system. 

Beginning October 1st, all Medicaid expansion enrollees automatically receive the same benefits, including dental, vision, and over-the-counter drug coverage.

As of November 1, over 55,000 Nebraskans are enrolled in Medicaid expansion coverage.


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