TAKE ACTION: The SNAP Cliff Effect Bill is up THIS WEEK

LB108As I shared last week, LB108, the bill that would eliminate the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Cliff Effect in Nebraska, will be debated by the full legislature as soon as tomorrow!

This bill would help SNAP participants avoid the cliff effect, where taking a raise at work causes a much bigger loss of the food benefits they rely on.

Now is the time to take action: We need your help encouraging senators across our state to pass this important legislation!

  • Call you Senator: Take 3 minutes to call your state senator’s office today using our easy call system to share your support for this bill! Senators love to hear from their constituents so this is a great way to make your voice heard and help them understand the importance of LB108. 
  • Comment on the bill: You can submit a comment anytime by clicking the “submit comment” option on the LB108 page

Thank you for your support of this critical legislation! You can help make a difference for thousands of Nebraskans working hard to feed their families. If you have any questions, email Megan at mhamann@neappleseed.org.

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