We begin our drive today!

Today, we begin our five-day drive to raise $50,000 by this Friday, December 11th and enter 2021 strong.

Your support this week will push back against the challenges our communities have faced throughout this difficult year, and build something new in the year ahead: a just, vibrant, and inclusive Nebraska.

To help start the week strong, a supporter will
MATCH the first $5,000 donated today.

Donate today. DOUBLE your donation.

When you donate today, your support fuels an ambitious agenda in 2021 and:

  • Fighting for expanded COVID-19 relief so all Nebraskans can take care of themselves and their loved ones. 
  • Advocating for positive immigration policies to keep families together and build inclusive communities. 
  • Promoting quality jobs that provide fair wages and safe working conditions.
  • Protecting the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion to ensure everyone has access to quality health care.
  • Building a stronger child welfare system so children and families can thrive.  

Contribute today. 

Your gift will be DOUBLED.

You can also mail a check to: Nebraska Appleseed, 941 O St, Ste 920, Lincoln, NE, 68508. (Let us know if you sent a check in the mail—we’ll count it towards today’s match!)

Thank you for your support! Throughout a challenging year, you make me hopeful for what we can achieve together in 2021.

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