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Without action, Nebraska’s chance to help feed kids this summer disappears Jan. 1

In Nebraska, is spending $2 too much to provide a low-income child with $120 in summer grocery benefits this summer? 

That’s the question we’re still asking as time runs short on our state’s opportunity to participate in the brand new federal Summer EBT program. This program would give each Nebraska child who receives free or reduced price meals at schools an EBT card with $120 in benefits to spend on groceries during summer 2024. For Nebraska, that can mean 150,000 low-income children receiving a total of $18M in benefits! That’s huge!

A small investment (as small as $300K) would make this program a reality. That’s tiny compared to the return on investment and the lives impacted!

If Nebraska does nothing, this summer would be the first summer since 2020 where EBT benefits to support hungry children would not go out. Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) started in May 2020 but ended in July 2023. Summer EBT is designed to continue this program but state participation is optional.

Nebraska has until January 1, 2024 to “express interest” in the program to USDA and preserve their option to provide Summer EBT this summer. The Governor, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Nebraska Department of Education are the decision makers for the program but the Governor has the final say.

At least 14 other states are already on board to offer Summer EBT this summer and we need Nebraska to say ‘yes’ as well! Contact Governor Pillen’s office to share your hope that we do.

Call: 402-471-2244

Thank you for taking action to support children getting the food they need in Nebraska.

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