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Urgent: Tell Congress to Protect People Seeking Safety

Children and families making the impossible decision to leave home in order to escape violence and seek safety need dignified and safe processes to do so.

Seeking safety through asylum is a life-saving protection and a human right under U.S. and international law. It must continue to be honored under immigration law. 

Currently Congress is negotiating emergency foreign aid – but extreme, lasting changes to border and interior immigration policy have been thrown into this funding negotiation. 

Cruel and ineffective proposals that would deny people the right to request asylum and block legal channels for people seeking safety will create more chaos at the border. Drastic proposals to slash other legal immigration avenues and expand interior expulsions will separate families and harm communities and neighbors nationwide. 

We need solutions that prioritize investments in knowledgeable organizations and local communities that are coordinating humane efforts to welcome people with dignity.

The message Congress must hear from us is clear: This is no time for last-minute negotiations that make drastic changes with lasting harmful impact.

When Congress is ready to discuss real solutions, we need an asylum system that welcomes people fleeing dangerous situations with humanity and dignity, and we need positive immigration laws that create stability for long-time community members.

Senator Pete Ricketts: 202-224-4224 
Senator Deb Fischer: 202-224-6551 

Find your Representative here 
Congressman Mike Flood: 202-225-4806  
Congressman Don Bacon: 202-225-4155
Congressman Adrian Smith: 202-225-6435 

Sample Message
Hello, my name is [your name]. I live in [town/city]. I’m calling to ask my member of Congress to protect people seeking safety. Rushed changes to immigration and asylum will not improve conditions at the border and will be harmful to Nebraska communities. This is important to me because [share a reason that is important to you].

Thank you for taking action! Want to learn more? Read here for more detail about border approaches that create solutions versus those that do harm. 

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