Support the relay race for justice

For a just Nebraska

In the early winter months of 2022, signature collection for Raise the Wage was ramping up in critical counties — counties that would help qualify the initiative to be on the November ballot.

With temperatures in the single digits before accounting for the wind chill, we switched up our strategy to get the job done. One of us would sit in the car for 10 minutes, running the heat to thaw our fingers, before tagging out the other to defrost.

We did this for a couple hours, a relay of two, celebrating each valuable signature with gloved high-fives and dancing in our boots.

Fighting for justice in Nebraska can feel like an uphill battle (and sometimes with a chance of frostbite). But it’s also a relay — we don’t do this alone.

The minimum wage ballot initiative showed how critical it is that we have a team of players who are ready to take the baton, run their lap, and then tag out so others can take the next leg.

Being a financial supporter is a vital role that keeps us in the race.

When you donate to Appleseed this week, you’re not only helping reach our $80,000 goal, but you’re ensuring that collective successes, like raising Nebraska’s  minimum wage to $15 per hour, are protected and guided to make positive change for Nebraskans.

Join the team. Make your contribution today.

The first $40,000 raised will be matched by generous supporters.

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