Statement – Inhumane White House decision to tear apart families will do lasting, far-reaching damage

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May 30, 2018


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Statement on Trump Administration policy of separating families seeking asylum

Cruel, inhumane choice to tear children from parents will cause lasting trauma, violates American values of decency and humanity


LINCOLN — Wednesday, Nebraska Appleseed joined the nationwide chorus of civil, human, immigrant and family rights organizations, plus individuals across the U.S. in opposing the Trump Administration’s inhumane and cruel policy of separating children from parents seeking safe harbor in the U.S. Recent news articles have also reported on Administration plans to warehouse children on military bases.

Appleseed Immigrants & Communities Director Darcy Tromanhauser issued the following statement:


“Nebraskans know that strong, united families are the foundation of our society, and our immigration policies must reflect those values,” Tromanhauser said. “The Trump Administration’s choice to tear children apart from their parents, who seek only a safe home for their families, violates every value of decency and humanity that we have.

“There is nothing in our laws that is forcing the Trump Administration to destroy families, making this a deliberate and cruel choice that will send destructive ripples across our country. Our immigration policies must be built on humanity and the sanctity of united families. We call on Congress and the Trump Administration to immediately end these cruel plans to keep children locked away from their parents.

“Families belong together in safe homes. Seeing our leaders ignore this basic human decency is a throwback to some of the darkest moments in American history when our government tore apart African American, Native American, and Japanese American families. It is shocking to see the President has not learned from these shameful failures of our past.”

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