Nebraskans In The Coverage Gap: Jennifer fighting uphill battle after on-the-job injury

Expanding Medicaid would help Nebraskans like Jennifer afford the prescriptions they need.

No one should be devastated financially for suffering an on-the-job injury, but after Jennifer got hurt working in a hotel, she found that getting healthy enough to get back to work was harder than she ever could have imagined.

The injury forced the Bellevue woman to lose her job, which made affording health coverage nearly impossible, and her applications for a small stipend through disability have been denied.

Meanwhile, Jennifer struggled with a series a chronic illnesses that require treatments she can’t afford, and the small bit of help she’s received from community health clinics don’t meet all of her conditions or take care of the medication she desperately needs to get well.

“Without healthcare, my condition will only shorten my life,” she said. “I’m sure there are others out there like me.”

Expanding Medicaid for Nebraskans like Jennifer would mean preventing a person’s life from spiraling out of control if they face one bad bit of luck. Everyone should have the security of quality health care when they need it so they can be at their best for their jobs and their families.

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