Appleseed editorial: ‘Nebraska cannot waste chance to build exchange’

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“The simple fact is everyone in Nebraska is going to get sick at some time in their life and require medical care. But, not all Nebraskans are able to afford the cost of a trip to the doctor.”

This is the start of an editorial in today’s Lincoln Journal Star written by Jennifer Carter, director of Appleseed’s Health Care Access Program.

Jennifer’s article points out how Nebraska has an unprecedented chance to build a health care system that is affordable, accountable to consumers, and paves the way for more than 200,000 Nebraskans without insurance to finally be able to get the health care they need.

And the biggest opportunity we can’t afford to waste is by choosing to adopt the Affordable Care Act’s new Medicaid program which will inject billions of federal dollars into our state economy, create tens of thousands of jobs, and could give 70,000 low-income, working Nebraskans access to health insurance.

A final blueprint of Nebraska’s health insurance exchange is due by November 16, and our state legislators will take up the issue of Medicaid when the new session begins next year.  We cannot afford to waste these chances to make the lives of Nebraskans better.

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