Health Insurance Exchange Meeting in Omaha Tonight – Make Your Voice Heard

health reformThe Department of Insurance is holding a public meeting tonight in Omaha where you will have the chance to weigh in on what a health insurance exchange – or marketplace – would look like in Nebraska and how it would work for consumers.

This is your opportunity to make your voice heard and to ask any questions you might have! It’s very important to make sure the Exchange works for consumers, and a big part of that is going to be consumer feedback.

The meeting is tonight at the Ramada Plaza – 3321 S. 72nd St. in Omaha from 6-9 p.m.

Exchanges are marketplaces where people can purchase health insurance and can apply for tax credits to help pay for the premiums.  Some key questions for consumers are:

  • How do you want to shop for insurance and apply for tax credits through this new marketplace? Would a website be better, or would you prefer to talk to someone and apply over the phone, or go to an office and talk to someone in person?
  • Some agency or organization will have to run this marketplace – making decisions about the quality of insurance products in the exchange, how it interacts with consumers, etc.  Do you think it should be run by an existing government agency (like the Department of Insurance), a non-profit organization, or an independent governing board that must include at least one consumer advocate?
  • Do you think it’s important for consumers and other stakeholders to be involved in the decision-making process? If so, who should select those participants?

Come to the meeting tonight and let the Department of Insurance know what will work best for Nebraskans!

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