My Experience at Appleseed

Appleseed is a place full of movers and shakers, and over the course of my internship here, I have been moved and shaken. I am constantly shown that people are changing things. Appleseed is uprooting the distressing and unacceptable life conditions that some consider permanent. But here, we know that nothing is permanent except change. And we are agents of change. By working on the Child Welfare team, I believe that I helped create change. I contributed to researching the bills for Nebraska’s legislative session, nicknamed the Session of the Child. I frequented the Capitol and listened to debate promoting positive child welfare progress. I was lucky enough to see Sarah Helvey and Robbie McEwen in action, fighting for the rights of those who cannot speak for themselves.

Now at the close of my internship, I feel set on fire. I am now firmly resolved to go to law school and become a human rights activist. I feel connected and stand in solidarity with the Appleseed staff and principles. I am grateful to now have resources and contacts who I hope to get to continue working with in the future. Appleseed opened my eyes to the injustices that surround me, and gave me the tools to end them.

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