Appleseed Welcomes New Intake Coordinator Trisha Thompson

It all began when Trisha Thompson landed an internship here at Nebraska Appleseed. “I started interning on the intake line at Appleseed last summer and pretty much fell in love with it,” said Trisha. After graduating with her B.S. in psychology from Peru State College, Trisha is happy to be officially on board at Appleseed serving as our new Intake Coordinator.

Trisha works with people who contact Appleseed with concerns relating to child welfare, public benefits, immigration issues, or access to health care.  “Depending on the situation, I may be able to communicate legal information to help the caller better understand his or her rights, provide materials that help answer questions in greater detail, or connect a caller to other resources that can best address his or her specific concerns.” By monitoring calls on the intake line, Trisha assists our legal team in identifying and investigating important systemic issues and taking action to preserve the rights of those in Nebraska who may not otherwise have the means to do so.

“Having spent the past several years working in child welfare, I’ve been impressed with Nebraska Appleseed’s focus on addressing barriers placed on families, foster parents, and service providers,” said Trisha. “I’m looking forward to becoming more involved with education and outreach within my position, and I’m honored to work alongside the team of talented, tirelessly devoted, and truly inspiring people I’ve come to know here.”

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  One Reply to “Appleseed Welcomes New Intake Coordinator Trisha Thompson”

  1. Renee Forman
    04/07/2018 at 6:00 pm

    Trish is amazing as well as Appleseed organization. I felt i was constantly losing battle with dhhs. No matter what i did I was constantly getting rejected or denied even tho i was employed full time. I contacted Appleseed&talk with Trish&she helped me. She took time to listen&helped me get information and answers needed. I made many calls&she always had time for me. We kept in touch with each other even after she helped. Jus to see how things were going. I cannot say enough about her and Appleseed organization. I have put their name out there to friends who were in need of help with dhhs aa well as forwarded numbers i have to contact them. I always tell everyone that i tell to contact Appleseed that if this organization cannot directly help them then they will point them in rite direction to get help need and issue solved.

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