Nebraska Appleseed Statement on Today’s Events at the US Capitol

This is a sad day for our country, but an inevitable result of too many of our leaders failing to stand against racism, extremism, misinformation, and hate.  There is real anger, frustration, and need across our country rooted in economic and racial injustice.  Rather than dig into addressing these injustices, too many turned a blind eye and stoked false claims against our democratic institutions.

We must hold leaders accountable for the damage done to our communities and our democracy. The path forward is acknowledging what is broken in our country and creating new ways to go forward that dismantle structural racism, support affected community members, and take on the hard work of solving the very real problems we face.

We continue to work with incredibly talented and dedicated community members all across Nebraska who embrace collaboration, invest in the leadership of others, see through the racism that corrupts our systems, and promote the ideas that will shape a better future. This is the foundation we work from and gives us hope as we go forward through this historic test of who we are as a country.

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