This holiday season, a call to Congress is a gift to our communities

This year more than ever, the holidays are a time to remember our communities’ resilience. In the face of hate, we came together to build a multi-generational and multicultural community, to build a country where all families can be together and free to thrive. At the same time, we must acknowledge the ongoing need in our communities. We must demand humane treatment of all people.

Tell your U.S. Senators and your Representative we need positive immigration laws that keep families together and create stability for Nebraska families and communities. After years of delay, Congress needs to:

  • Stop family separations and end harmful detention & deportations. When families flee persecution and violence, children should remain with their parents and never behind bars.
  • Create a road to citizenship. For far too long, immigrant Nebraskans have been left in limbo while continuing to contribute their knowledge and wealth to our communities and economy. 
  • Pass a COVID-19 relief package that includes all immigrant Nebraskans and mixed-status families in economic impact payments retroactively and going forward.

Sen. Deb Fischer (202) 224-6551

Sen. Ben Sasse (202) 224-4224
Rep. Don Bacon
(202) 225-4155
Rep. Jeff Fortenberry
(202) 225-4806

Rep. Adrian Smith
(202) 225-6435

This holiday season, a call to your members of Congress is a gift to our communities.

Let’s build the future we want to see by ensuring every community member is treated with respect and dignity this holiday season and beyond.

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