Nebraska took strides to end predatory lending and advance racial justice

Over the course of the last several months, including yesterday, Nebraska has seen tremendous enthusiasm and engagement in the 2020 election. As of this morning, more than 73 percent of registered voters cast their vote. That means nearly 1 million voters engaged in the electoral process, with high voter turnout rates from Douglas to Scottsbluff Counties and every community in between. We supported locally-led teams and engaged with more than 34,000 voters of color in 9 communities across our state.

Nebraska voters overwhelmingly supported ending the predatory debt cycle of payday loans by passing Initiative 428, capping lending rates at 36%, a major step in building a path that leads Nebraskans out of poverty. Voters also approved Proposed Amendment No. 1, which will eliminate slavery as a punishment for crime, a small but important step forward for racial justice.

In the hours and days ahead, it is imperative to ensure every person’s voice and vote are heard and counted across the country. The pandemic forced voters to take necessary steps to protect their health while also taking part in our democratic process, and we should remain patient as all votes – whether cast in-person, absentee, or by mail – are counted.

As we wait for final election results, join us in celebrating significant voter engagement and major policy changes to improve the lives of Nebraskans.


Becky Gould


Executive Director

Nebraska Appleseed

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