Session resumes next week. Senators must act.

On Monday, July 20th, the Legislature will resume the rest of the 2020 session. There will be 17 days remaining for senators to address the many issues impacting Nebraska this year. You can find Day 44’s agenda here.

A lot has changed in the world since the Unicameral last met in March. We’re experiencing the ongoing impacts of a global pandemic that has created economic instability for many in our state. Families are facing food insecurity, neighbors are facing eviction, workers are losing jobs, meatpacking employees and their families are choosing between a paycheck or their health, and parents are unsure how to afford needed child care.

Our communities are also calling for actions to address systemic racism facing our state and the entire country. We need to dismantle the racism and oppression that have been so entrenched in our institutions and structures. The pandemic has also amplified the racial disparities that exist in our healthcare system.

The Legislature must act to meet the needs of this moment.

Some lawmakers have not expressed interest in using the remainder of this legislative session to tackle these issues. This is why it’s critical that your state senator hears from you this week.

Call your state senator today. Urge them to use the remainder of the legislative session to support Nebraskans suffering from the pandemic, economic downturn, and racial injustices.

State lawmakers must return to an agenda that includes legislation to expand access to critical public assistance programs like SNAP and the child care subsidy program. Senators need to take action on policies that remove barriers for communities of color across our state and that protect meatpacking workers and their families from experiencing the devastating choice between their job and their safety. We also need to see more done to prevent evictions and to protect people from losing their homes during a pandemic.

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Thank you for your continued advocacy during this time of uncertainty.

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