Take Action: Protect Nebraskans from experiencing utility shut-offs

This week, Nebraska state senators will take up a proposal to improve protections against utility shut-offs and they need to hear your support.

Each month, an estimated 1 in 20 households in Nebraska have their power shut off due to an inability to pay their utility bills. LB933, introduced by Senator Sue Crawford, would limit fees related to utility shut-offs and provide additional protections to help prevent shut-offs among Nebraskans with disabilities and other serious health issues. LB933 is one of the bills included in an amendment (AM2766) to LB632, which is officially on the agenda for this week

Utility service disconnections greatly impact the health and stability of low-income Nebraskans, particularly with the extreme temperatures Nebraska winters and summers bring. This important legislation would help more Nebraskans keep their power on and help restore service in the event that they are shut off. Read our factsheet to learn more.

Call your senator today.

Ask them to vote “FOR” AM2766 to LB632, which includes provisions of LB933. Help protect Nebraska families from experiencing the devastating effects of utility shut-offs.

Find your State Senator


Thank you for your continued advocacy!


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