Family-based and humanitarian immigration strengthen our communities

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Friday, May 17, 2019

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Family-based and humanitarian immigration strengthen our communities

Keeping families separated undermines our American values


LINCOLN – Yesterday, the Administration gave a speech at the Rose Garden about changing the current immigration system. His message included cutting the number of family-based and humanitarian visas in exchange for a “class-based” immigration system, without addressing a permanent solution for longtime U.S. residents such as Dreamers, Temporary Protected Status families, or undocumented community members. Nebraska Appleseed’s Immigrants & Communities Program Director, Darcy Tromanhauser, issued the following statement in response:

We need immigration policies that provide broad solutions: creating a process for longtime residents like Dreamers and Temporary Protected Status families who contribute so much to local communities, keeping family immigration that is a core strength of our country at the center of our immigration laws, and shifting to good border governance rather than myopic enforcement that is more effective, humane, and in the best interests of our country.

Unfortunately, the president’s speech does not constitute a plan and does not appear to address these key factors to help move us forward.

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