Fight back against the House’s anti-Dreamer bills

Over the past few years, Nebraskans across the state have stood with hard-working, talented young Dreamers, whose roots have been planted in this state since childhood. Dreamers like Joseline and Joel grew up in Nebraska, went to our schools, and are starting their careers here. Now, they and their families are under threat and need our help.

At a time when the White House’s cruel immigration plans are tearing children from their parents and locking them up in cages, Congress again will debate immigration this week. The U.S. House of Representatives is debating two bills – both of which would result in families being broken up, asylum seekers being sent back into violence, and Dreamers being denied a chance to become full participants in the communities they contribute to every day.

Please call your Congressman today. Urge them to vote “NO” on both H.R. 4760, a bill sponsored by Rep. Bob Goodlatte, and a bill to be introduced by Rep. Paul Ryan, which is shown by a draft obtained by the press to fall far short of the protections Dreamers and their families should have.

Dist. 1 – Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (202) 225-4806      Dist. 2 – Rep. Don Bacon (202) 225-4155

Dist. 3 – Rep. Adrian Smith (202) 225-6435

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Tell your Congressman the best bill for Nebraska families is the bipartisan DREAM Act of 2017, which would give certainty to Dreamers and their families, while at long last put Dreamers on a path to become U.S. citizens – an opportunity they currently do not have.

Both bills being offered up in the House this week would do real damage to Nebraska families. They created an untested, convoluted system that would prevent many Dreamers from being able to become citizens in the country where they have lived nearly their entire lives. They include harsh anti-immigrant policies that tear children away from their parents and waste money on further militarizing border communities.

Families are the foundation of our communities, which is why our immigration laws must be focused on keeping families united. Both of these bills would turn our country’s back on those values.

Take Action Today! Tell your Congressman to vote “NO” on both of these anti-immigrant bills and support a clean version of the “DREAM Act of 2017,” which protects families, keeps communities united, and allows Dreamers to keep contributing alongside us right here where they belong.

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