Take Action – House to vote on health care Thursday

Reports are the House of Representatives will vote Thursday morning on it’s dangerous ACA-replacement bill, the American Health Care Act. Will you call your Congressman today and urge them to vote “No”?

Call your Congressman today! Let their office know you oppose this bill and want them to work on legislation that protects Nebraskans’ quality health insurance.


Dist. 1 – Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (402) 438-1598      Dist. 2 – Rep. Don Bacon (402) 938-0300

Dist. 3 – Rep. Adrian Smith (308) 384-3900

Not sure who your Representative is? Click here to find out


We know the House bill would have damaging effects in Nebraska. It would cause sharp insurance price increases for older adults and people with health conditions.

And the bill’s drastic cuts to Medicaid will hurt many of the 230,000 Nebraskans – most of them children, seniors, and people with disabilities – who rely on Medicaid for coverage. It also will lead to higher costs to our state at a time when we’re already dealing with a large budget deficit.

Tell your Congressman to vote “No” on the American Health Care Act because:

  • It will make insurance unaffordable for thousands of Nebraskans who finally could get coverage thanks to the ACA.
  • The drastic cuts to Medicaid would take away health coverage from children, seniors and people with disabilities and force states to lower Medicaid provider payments, which will hurt our health care facilities.
  • The bill will cause chaos in the insurance market that will affect everyone, even people who have coverage through their employers.

Please make a call today! Speak up to protect quality, affordable health coverage for hundreds of thousands of Nebraskans.

Tell your Representative that Nebraska needs the health care protections of the ACA and Medicaid. Any ACA replacement plan must let every Nebraskan be able to get life-saving health insurance.

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