2014 Appleseed Interns and Law Clerks – Meet Katie Hunsberger

Appleseed law clerk Katie Hunsberger is a UNL College of Law student and a former officer in the United States Navy.

Appleseed law clerk Katie Hunsberger is a UNL College of Law student and a former officer in the United States Navy.

Nebraska Appleseed law clerk Katie Hunsberger wears a lot of hats: mom, law student, clerk, U.S. Navy Lieutenant, but above it all, she just wants to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals.

“My background has been in working to help individuals. In seeking to combine law and psychology, I am interested in finding additional ways to help people, possibly at a systems level.” Katie said. “I chose to go to law school to explore additional opportunities to build upon my education and work experience as a psychologist. Many of the skills that I have learned in my education and work in psychology will lend themselves to law school and potential future work in a legal (or combined law-psych) career.”

An Axtell, NE, native, Katie’s plans after graduating from the UNL College of Law are still under determination. But her reasons for wanting to clerk for Nebraska Appleseed are crystal clear.

“I believe that Nebraska Appleseed does a lot of really important and good work in their four areas of legal concentration.” Katie said. “I want to learn more about the health care law and I believe that clerking for Appleseed will be a positive and beneficial experience. Also, the staff here is really great and Nebraska Appleseed has a strong positive reputation in the legal community.”

But no matter where a career in psychology, law or some combination of the two leads Katie, she’s always looking for ways to help people.

“My dream job is one in which I feel I can be part of something bigger that contributes to the lives of others and/or to society in positive ways.”

Name: Katie Hunsberger

Hometown: Axtell, NE

Position: Law clerk

About me: Current student at UNL College of Law. I served in the Navy for four years and was primarily a Lieutenant (O-3). Before I left the military, I was promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4). I enjoy spending time with family, especially my husband and my three sons.

Future plans: To be determined!

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