2014 Appleseed Law Clerks and Interns – Meet Jennifer Connell

Communications intern Jennifer Connell is a Wayne State College student from Keya Paha County.

Communications intern Jennifer Connell is a Wayne State College student from Keya Paha County.

For Nebraska Appleseed Communications intern, Jennifer Connell, detaching herself from the rural world she calls home has been a blessing and a challenge.

“I honestly wouldn’t be where I am if my parents hadn’t pushed me to succeed. Every summer I’d come home and enjoy working outside so much that I never wanted to go back to school. My parents pushed me to go back every time. And now I’m a college graduate.”

A graduate of Wayne State College where she majored in Journalism and minored in Pre-Law, Jennifer first found out about Nebraska Appleseed through a friend at school.

“I was talking to her about trying to find an internship where I could fulfill my obligation for my Journalism major while still being involved with something I was passionate about. She suggested applying here [Nebraska Appleseed], and when I did some research on it I thought it would be a great fit.”

While Connell majored in Journalism, she has always been passionate about public policy and the law and sees working at Nebraska Appleseed as an opportunity to gain expertise in an area she is interested in.

“Going to law school is definitely a possibility,” Connell said. “But that’s still a year and at least one major test away. Right now, I’m just focused on getting some good experience working with Nebraska Appleseed and learning as much as I can while I’m here.”
For Connell, it’s all about learning as much as possible and stretching her skills.

“Lincoln is the biggest city I’ve ever lived in. Where I’m from the cattle outnumber the people, like, 75 to 1.” Connell said. “I’m learning how to park in downtown Lincoln, drive where I see more than one car within 30 miles and deal with people instead of hayfield equipment. It’s an adventure and I love it.”


Name: Jennifer Connell

Position: Communications Intern

Hometown: Keya Paha County, NE

About me: I just graduated in May from Wayne State College after majoring in Journalism and minoring in Pre-Law. While at WSC I was involved with the college newspaper and served as both the News Editor and Editor in Chief. I was also a tutor for my subject area and gave tours of the college campus. I am the oldest of four girls, love coffee and naps, and Lincoln is by far the biggest town I’ve lived in.

Why Appleseed: A good friend at school put me on the trail of this sweet organization in Lincoln that took on a communications intern every summer, and the firm was focused on important social and economic justice issues. I knew that I needed an internship to fulfill my requirements for school and couldn’t think of a better place that combined my major and minor.

Future Plans: Find a real job. Go to my first Husker football game. I’d love to do some traveling and see places like Australia, New Zealand, London and places in Africa. As much fun as it is to travel I also love north-central Nebraska a lot and eventually want to settle there. After I see the world, of course!

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