Rally to support opportunities for Nebraska’s hardworking families

NE_Appleseed_Icons_Opportunity-128On Tuesday, the Nebraska Legislature voted down LB 943, a bill that would have raised Nebraska’s minimum wage to $9 per hour for hourly employees and increased the minimum wage for workers who earn tips to 70 percent of that standard minimum wage.  Introduced by Sen. Nordquist, with the tipped minimum wage amendment from Sen. Lathrop, the bill received 20 votes to pass, yet needed 25.

This vote was yet another blow this session to hardworking Nebraskans who are struggling to make ends meet.  But together we can continue to advocate for policies that will help rebuild the middle class and support our working families earning low wages.

Here are two ways you can help! Please thank those senators who continue to fight for these good policies today and then attend the Rally for Working Families next week.

Join us Tuesday, April 8 at the Nebraska State Capitol and “Rally for Nebraska’s Working Families.”

What: Rally for Nebraska’s Working Families
When: Tuesday, April 8, 5:30 p.m.
Where: Nebraska State Capitol, 1445 K St., west steps

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This is a rally in support of policies like an increased minimum wage, Medicaid expansion, anti-wage theft, child care support, equal pay and other issues to help remove barriers to prosperity for hardworking Nebraska individuals and families. Stand with those friends and neighbors at this rally next Tuesday!

ALSO, please contact the senators who voted to support an increase in the minimum wage and thank them for fighting to make sure hard work pays in Nebraska.

Email Link

Phone Number

Sen. Brad Ashford

(402) 471-2622

Sen. Bill Avery

(402) 471-2633

Sen. Kate Bolz

(402) 471-2734

Sen. Kathy Campbell

(402) 471-2731

Sen. Ernie Chambers

(402) 471-2612

Sen. Danielle Conrad

(402) 471-2720

Sen. Tanya Cook

(402) 471-2727

Sen. Sue Crawford

(402) 471-2615

Sen. Annette Dubas

(402) 471-2630

Sen. Ken Haar

(402) 471-2673

Sen. John Harms

(402) 471-2802

Sen. Burke Harr

(402) 471-2722

Sen. Russ Karpisek

(402) 471-2711

Sen. Rick Kolowski

(402) 471-2327

Sen. Steve Lathrop

(402) 471-2623

Sen. Amanda McGill

(402) 471-2610

Sen. Heath Mello

(402) 471-2710

Sen. Jeremy Nordquist

(402) 471-2721

Sen. Kate Sullivan

(402) 471-2631

Sen. Norm Wallman

(402) 471-2620

Your voice will make a difference as we continue this fight!  Thank you for your support and for standing with our fellow Nebraskans.

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