Immigrants breathe new life into communities

Nebraska Is HomeA recent article by Immigration Impact gives a telling portrayal of the benefits that immigrants bring to their new homes – while highlighting new local efforts across the country to focus on “welcoming” initiatives that create strong communities.

New immigrants “breathe new life into communities” and help create a vibrant social, economic, and cultural environment.  They diversify neighborhoods and open businesses that share the beauties of numerous cultures.

The economic benefits are significant as well.  Many immigrants fill the gaps in the labor market and positively contribute to the state and local economies.  Immigrants with stable financial situations often start their own businesses and create jobs in their new hometowns.

Immigrants are a necessary and crucial factor in helping the United States sustain growth.  Immigrants have been an engine of this country since its creation.  Local organizations, such as Welcoming America affiliates and Nebraska is Home, help create a more welcoming community environment to help new and longtime residents find shared prosperity, because our communities are strongest when everyone feels welcome. For many of these immigrants, their potential is limitless if they are welcomed and have the belief that they can play a part in creating positive change in their community.

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