Take Action: Thank senators for passing LB 216

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Today, the Legislature passed LB 216, the bill to extend voluntary services and support to age 21 for young people who age out of foster care.  The bill passed 44-2 on Final Reading.  This is wonderful news and will impact hundreds of young Nebraskans.  Thank you for all you have done to make this happen!

We need to thank our senators who voted to ensure all Nebraskans have the opportunity to reach a bright future and make sure that the Governor signs this bill into law.  Please contact your senator and thank them for supporting these young people with LB 216.

The bill is now making its way to the Governor’s office.  After thanking your senators, please contact Governor Heineman (402-471-2244) and ask him to sign this important piece of legislation into law.  Let him know that LB 216 is critical because:

  • Nebraska’s current system results in poor outcomes for too many young people who age out of foster care.
  • National research has shown programs like this improve long-term outcomes in a number of areas, including education, employment, and housing stability.
  • The financial benefits outweigh the cost by a factor of approximately 2 to 1.

Read a recent Lincoln Journal Star story on one young Nebraskan who is working hard to overcome barriers after aging out of foster care and another Omaha World Herald op-ed from a member of Project Everlast about what LB 216 means for youth growing up in foster care.

Your voice has been so important to getting this far.  Please thank our senators and call the Governor TODAY to make sure young Nebraskans have the best possible chance at a healthy, successful adulthood.

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