The Rural Implications of Health Insurance Coverage in Nebraska

Pages-from-NE-Health-Insurance-Coverage-fullThe Center for Rural Affairs recently released a new report on health insurance coverage in Nebraska. The report highlights the need for full implementation of the Affordable Care Act in Nebraska, including the new Medicaid program.

Our rural counties have higher rates of uninsured, as well as poorer health outcomes, than our cities. The new Medicaid program could cut the number of uninsured in rural counties by half, providing much-needed health care and resources. As CFRA’s report states, “A community’s economic development, community cohesiveness, and health care infrastructure are all threatened by a lack of affordable health insurance that results in more families without health insurance or less than adequate insurance.”

Other states, like Missouri, expect to see similar benefit to its rural areas.

Over the next few months, the Nebraska Legislature will have the opportunity to take up the new Medicaid program, bringing billions of dollars back to our state, providing affordable health care to thousands, and strengthening Nebraska’s economy. We encourage the Legislature to make a healthy Nebraska a priority during this session.

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