103rd Legislature presents chances to better lives of all Nebraskans

nebraska-state-capital1-300x222On Wednesday, the 1st session of the 103rd Nebraska Legislature will be convened at the state Capitol.  In the session, our lawmakers will hear debate and vote on bills that address a number of vital issues in our state.

Nebraska Appleseed is excited for the chance to work with our leaders to fight for equal justice and opportunity for all Nebraskans.

Here are just a few of the issues Appleseed will be pursuing in the 2013 Legislative session:

  • Continuing to reform our child welfare system to provide stability and healthy homes for all Nebraska children.
  • Creating welcoming communities where Nebraskans of all backgrounds can thrive, and ensuring our laws protect everyone’s right to equal opportunity and safe workplaces. 
  • Crafting a state budget that reflects our state priorities and the Good Life Nebraskans work so hard to achieve.
  • Working to improve the ACCESS Nebraska system in order to ensure the delivery of important services is effective and efficient for all Nebraskans.

You can keep up with all the exciting happenings at the legislature by following Appleseed on our social media pages.
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You can also receive timely email updates on bill introductions, hearings, and floor debate by signing up for Appleseed’s legislative update email list.

We’ll keep you posted with action alerts and updates so you can get involved and be heard on the issues you’re passionate about.  Call or write your state senator, write a letter to your local newspaper, or attend a hearing on a bill.  Small actions make a big difference, and Nebraska’s Legislature is made up of people who are interested in hearing your opinion.

The session that starts Wednesday will give you your own chance to make a difference in building a stronger Nebraska future.

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