Register Now! ‘We’re All In for Belonging’ Welcoming Convening Series

Join community leaders from across Nebraska who are building vibrant communities of belonging! 

Join our (virtual) annual statewide welcoming convening series – which brings together community leaders from all over Nebraska to share experiences, insights, and strategies for building welcoming and inclusive communities. 

During these summer sessions, we will have the opportunity to hear and learn from experienced local leaders, participate in workshops, and network with peers, all with the aim of enhancing our collective knowledge and skills. We hope you will join us on the following Fridays as we work toward building belonging for all. 

Save the dates now and register for the series!

(You can register for the series and attend whichever dates work for you!)

June 7 10:00-11:30am CT (9:00-10:30am MT)
Session 1: We’re All In for Belonging & Welcoming Week 2024

Every year, communities across Nebraska host September Welcoming Week events as one way of building communities of belonging. These events – large and small – are a great way to bring neighbors together to learn about one another and celebrate what they love about their community. In this session, we’ll share tips and ideas on hosting neighbor-to-neighbor events and building strong inclusion practices any time during the year, and especially as we prepare for Welcoming Week 2024! This year’s theme, We’re All In, invites communities to showcase how they’re building places that value all perspectives, backgrounds, experiences, and cultures. Learn what others are all in on and hear from leaders who have hosted successful Welcoming Week events across the state! Are you all in on civic participation? Or sharing culture? Or healthy communities? 

July 19 10:00-11:30am CT (9:00-10:30am MT)
Session 2: We’re All In for Language Access

Being able to communicate is foundational to belonging. Language Access furthers organizational and community change efforts that advance equity and access for culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Together, we’ll learn the significance of Language Access, best practices and resources, and where to start with a plan as we strive to provide more equitable access to health care, local government and services. 

August 9 10:00-11:30am CT (9:00-10:30 MT)
Session 3: We’re All In for Lived Expertise on Local Boards

We know that people who have lived expertise as immigrant community members, leaders of color, and other diverse backgrounds bring fresh perspectives and experiences that enrich decision making, and can deepen understanding of community dynamics, but how do we ensure new members and the board are prepared? What are the expectations and duties of board members? How will the board receive new ideas? We’ll explore how to prepare new board members and the boards themselves.

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