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Congressman Bacon Co-Introduces the Foster Youth and Driving Act

Learning to drive can be a big part of a young person’s journey toward adulthood. With the Foster Youth and Driving Act, youth in foster care will face fewer barriers to learning how to drive and obtaining a car. 

This bill was introduced in the House by Rep. Danny Davis and Rep. Don Bacon last month, on June 3, 2022. The Foster Youth and Driving Act (H.R.7932) would create grants for states to support youth in foster care in practicing driving, obtaining their license, insurance, and a vehicle. The bill would also ensure that a youth’s foster care case plan includes plans for learning how to drive and foster parents are prepared by the state to support foster youth to achieve this milestone. 

Here’s what our Child Welfare Youth Fellows had to say about this bill. 

“Without getting help, I have greatly struggled to make it from one payday to the next. I am always fighting with bills and car problems. Keeping my car insured has been huge in struggles for me. Without getting financial assistance, I wouldn’t be able to make my day-to-day life work. I go to school full time and work a full-time job. I’ve also got a little boy and one on the way. It would be impossible for me without the help I receive.”

Billie, Nebraska Appleseed Child Welfare Youth Fellow

“I was blessed to be put through a drivers ed class, helping me get my driver’s license, and gifted a car while I was in high school. This helped me to get to and from school, I got to join school sports and not have to worry about missing the bus to get home. I also went to and from work not having to rely on anyone else, you never know when life can get in the way of the person taking you to and from work. So, I was able to get my education, join extracurricular activities and make my own money. I 100% am for this new bill, I think not only will it be a big help but also can teach young youth independence along with money management as car payments and insurance is not cheap.”

Teijah, Nebraska Appleseed Child Welfare Youth Fellow

Young people with foster care experience have continued to share the need for more support to face these transportation barriers. Nebraska State senators have also attempted to address this issue but now is the time for action in Congress to support foster youth across the country to reach independence and economic security. 

We would like to thank Congressman Bacon for introducing this legislation again in Congress and look forward to joining the many advocates in pushing for the passage of the Foster Youth and Driving Act.  

“Nebraska Appleseed supports The Foster Youth and Driving Act because it would help young people in foster care have the support and tools they need to achieve their goals. For many, learning how to drive and getting a driver’s license are important milestones in growing up. It is also a necessity for many young people, particularly in rural states like Nebraska, as they pursue goals related to work and education.  The Foster Youth and Driving Act would help remove barriers and provide youth in care with access to “normalcy” and to help them successfully transition from foster care to adulthood.”

Sarah Helvey, Child Welfare Director of Nebraska Appleseed

Stay tuned for more information on the Foster Youth and Driving Act on how you can take action! 

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