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Dobbs v. Jackson + Health Care Access in Nebraska

Nebraska Appleseed Responds to Dobbs v. Jackson

The mission of our Health Care Access Program is clear from our program’s name; we work to ensure access to health care for all Nebraskans. For many years, this work has centered on ensuring access to health insurance broadly, through Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act and more recently through the expansion of Medicaid. We have also been longtime advocates for access to comprehensive health care services, from prenatal care to maternal health to family planning services.  

With today’s decision to strike down Roe v. Wade, we see the country shifting to a less free place. A place where access to health care services in our own communities, including abortion, is not guaranteed is unacceptable. Attacks like this on abortion access disproportionately harm the same people who have always faced systemic barriers to care, to economic opportunity, to belonging — and will further exasperate health disparities and poverty.

Everyone should be able to access the health care they need, in their own communities, when they need it. 

Today, we believe that it is our responsibility to act directly and publicly to support access to abortion services, consistent with our mission to ensure access to health care. Because the fight is just beginning. The Supreme Court’s decision means that it’s up to each state, including Nebraska, to determine whether and how abortion services will be accessible. 

We praise the local leaders that have worked so steadfastly to ensure access to health care services, including the ACLU of Nebraska, I Be Black Girl, Planned Parenthood NCS, Women’s Fund of Omaha, and Nebraska Abortion Resources (NEAR)

We add our voice to theirs and many others, when we call upon the Nebraska Legislature not to further undermine the right to access quality, affordable health care, which means comprehensive reproductive health care including abortion. We will be working towards that aim and hope that you will join us.

Join Local Advocates to Take Action

  1. Rallies happening TODAY. Led by our friends at ACLU of NE, I Be Black Girl, Planned Parenthood, Women’s Fund of Omaha, and NEAR. Learn more here and stay tuned on social media.
  2. Contact your Senator. Let them know how important accessing health care in our communities is for Nebraskans. Find your Senator and their contact information here: bit.ly/NElegSenator. Need more information? Stay tuned!
  3. Get connected! Whether it’s by attending the rally, signing up for emails, or following advocates on social media, there are lots of ways to stay up to date on what’s going on in the community.
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