TAKE ACTION: Tell your senator everyone deserves to eat!

It’s counterproductive to ban people from food assistance when they need it most. LB121 would end Nebraska’s harmful lifetime SNAP ban for people with certain drug-related convictions. It will be debated on select file as soon as Monday. Tell your senator to vote YES on LB121.

This ban hurts people who are reentering society at a really difficult time in their life. Elijah from Lincoln knows this all too well:

Getting out of prison was a wonderful thing, but also a very difficult transition. Oftentimes, I felt very overwhelmed with the stress of starting from the bottom trying to build a good life for myself and my children. Not being able to keep food in the fridge and cupboards, going to work for 8 hours with nothing to eat for lunch. These were really hard times.

The SNAP ban tightens families’ budgets. Even though they aren’t counted in the household  size, banned parents’ income is used to calculate the amount of SNAP benefits a family receives. This means everyone else in the home gets less SNAP. 

LB121 makes sure food benefits are available to people supporting children and families, reduces recidivism, and strengthens racial equity in our criminal justice system. This bill impacts over 1000 Nebraska families. 

Write an email today if you agree too!

Let’s join the 24 other states that have already eliminated the ban to move our state forward.

Contact your senator using our easy email system and ask them to vote yes on LB121. Thank you for your advocacy!

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