Selina Martinez

Small actions create big change year-round!

Nebraska Appleseed advocates for the well-being of Nebraskans throughout the year — and Nebraskans will continue to be our priority throughout 2022.

When you become a Sustaining Monthly Donor, each month\’s small action adds up to create BIG change all-year long on important issues.

TODAY, a generous supporter will donate $100
for every NEW Sustaining Monthly Donor up to $2,000!

Become a Sustaining Monthly Donor.

One of the major initiatives Appleseed is prioritizing this next year with a strong coalition of community supporters is to pass a ballot initiative to raise Nebraska’s minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2026.

It’s our shared responsibility to ensure that every Nebraska is paid a fair wage — because we’re all worth more than the minimum.

Whether we’re reforming the child welfare system or advocating for positive immigration policies, your monthly contribution ensures Appleseed and our supporters can fight for justice wherever we can do the most good – in the courthouse, at the Capitol, or within the community.

We are so thankful to have surpassed this week’s $70,000 fundraising goal and raised over $75,000 thanks to more than 220 supporters! But now you have the chance to help raise Appleseed way over the top.

Become a Sustaining Monthly Donor TODAY. Help secure the $2,000 Match!
Become a Sustaining Monthly Donor.

Take it from me: Appleseed is making a meaningful difference in the lives of thousands of Nebraskans—and have been doing it for almost 25 years. Using many strategies, we’re working with people like you statewide to lift the shadow of poverty, racial injustice, and inequity from our communities.

Join me in being a part of the change you want to see in Nebraska. Be the small action that creates big change. Support Appleseed today.

Thank you!  


Selina Martinez
Field Director
Nebraska Appleseed

P.S. Raise Appleseed WAY over the top of our goal! Become a Sustaining Monthly Donor and a supporter will MATCH it with $100!

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