2022 Nebraska Appleseed Legislative Priorities

The Nebraska Legislature introduced close to 600 bills and proposed constitutional amendments, and we’re ready to fight for justice and opportunity at the Capitol! Here are Appleseed’s legislative priorities for the 2022 short session. ⤵️

Strengthening worker protections


  • LB 719 ensures better support for Nebraskans injured on the job by updating Nebraska’s workers’ compensation rates, a worker’s right to choose their own doctor, and the availability of translation services in workers’ comp medical exams (Sen. Adam Morfeld). Learn more here.
  • LB 871 increases transparency in meatpacking plants by increasing the state’s meatpacking coordinator to full-time and clarifying data included in their annual report, as well as updating requirements for translating key employment information (Sen. Matt Hansen). Learn more here.
  • LB 207, fixes Nebraska’s long waiting times for workers’ compensation support (introduced in 2021 by Sen. Mike McDonnell). Learn more here.
  • LB 1028 strengthens the existing protections that guarantee tipped workers earn at least the state minimum wage by bolstering transparency and accountability requirements (Sen. Megan Hunt).
  • LB298 would ensure access to unemployment insurance support for Nebraska DACA and TPS residents, asylum seekers, and other work-authorized immigrants who are longtime community members but found they were ineligible for unemployment support during the pandemic (introduced in 2021 by Sen. Mike McDonnell).

Supporting young people navigating the child welfare system


  • LB 932 creates much needed transparency for youth in foster care who are eligible for social security benefits (Sen. Megan Hunt).
  • LB 202 expands the Bridge to Independence (B2I) program to include a subset of young adults with juvenile probation experience who don’t have a home to return to and face homelessness when they “age out” of the system at age 19 (introduced in 2021 by Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks).
  • LB 1113 creates a pilot program to provide targeted transfers of funds to youth who age out of the Bridge to Independence program in order to continue to support young people who age out of our foster care system (Sen. Terrell McKinney).
  • LB 1000 updates Nebraska’s broad definition of neglect in our child welfare system. We believe reasonable childhood independence activities should not be considered neglect. (Sen. Ben Hansen).

Food and nutrition access

  • LB 121 would eliminate Nebraska’s counterproductive ban on SNAP benefits for people with certain drug felony convictions after their release from prison (introduced in 2021 by Sen. Megan Hunt).
  • LB 117 as amended, would require districts with very high eligibility for the Community Eligibility Provision to opt into the program and serve breakfast and lunch at no cost for all students. This bill is currently out of committee on general file. (introduced in 2021 by Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh).
  • LB 710 eliminates SNAP’s asset limit as 36 other states have already done in order to support more families getting food benefits. (Sen. John McCollister).
  • LB 1201 allocates a portion of the state’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to organizations providing food assistance and establishes grants for food security innovation (Sen. Wendy Deboer).

Speaking up for housing justice

  • LB 196 protects families’ ability to rent housing regardless of how they would pay their rent (Sen. Tony Vargas).
  • LB 1222 updates the Mobile Home Landlord and Tenant Act to expand the rights of mobile home tenants (Sen. Matt Hansen).

Racial and economic justice

  • LB 814 adds racial impact statements to legislation related to the criminal and juvenile justice system (Sen. Terrell McKinney).
  • LB 951 increases the Earned Income Tax Credit from 10% to 17%, a powerful tool to prevent poverty, and helps working families make ends meet (Sen. John Cavanaugh).

Equitable access to health care

  • LB 952 requires Medicaid enrollment assistance prior to an individual’s release from Nebraska’s correctional facilities to help connect Nebraskans with the health care they need to be healthy and successful at reentry (Sen. John Cavanaugh).
  • LB 929 provides 12 months of postpartum Medicaid coverage to eligible mothers. This change is important to promote the health and well-being of all Nebraskans and can help improve maternal health overall (Sen. Anna Wishart).
  • LB 857 streamlines access to Medicaid programs for kids in communities across Nebraska (Sen. Jen Day).

Each legislative session presents an opportunity to bring long-lasting, positive change for our communities. Your voice is important in ensuring that we are building a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive Nebraska. Here’s how you can get involved and take action during the rest of this legislative session:

Get involved

  • Upcoming hearings are listed here
  • You may also submit a comment online on a bill. Click on the link above for the bill you are interested in submitting a comment on and choose ‘Submit a comment online’. Visit the Unicameral’s website for more information.
  • Find your senator here.
  • Stream all hearings and legislative floor debate on Nebraska Public Media here.

Take Action

During the 2022 Legislative Session, we will tell you about important moments to take action on key bills. 

You can also sign up here to receive our weekly Legislative Update. We’ll let you know when bills will have committee hearings and when they may come up for a floor vote. Plus, we’ll let you know when our State Senators need to hear from you on big issues impacting our communities.

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