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Every Nebraskan should be able to afford Health Insurance

Every Nebraskan must have affordable health coverage for themselves and their families.

 But about 90,000 of our hard-working friends and neighbors can’t afford insurance because Nebraska has not expanded Medicaid.

That’s why we’ve joined the Insure The Good Life campaign to let Nebraskans vote for a healthier future this fall. Insure The Good Life will be working to collect the 85,000 petition signatures required to put Medicaid expansion on the November ballot.  

We are long overdue to expand Medicaid and use this effective tool to make sure all hard-working people can get access to quality health coverage. It’s time for the people of Nebraska to be able to vote on expanding Medicaid.

Click here to join Insure The Good Life and learn how you can help our friends and neighbors get the health care everyone needs.

Oppose SNAP restrictions in 2018 Farm Bill

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or “SNAP,” is our country’s most-important food security program. SNAP helps 1 in 11 Nebraskans – mostly families with children – afford a basic diet. It’s a proven success at keeping thousands of families out of poverty while putting money straight into local economies.

But the House Ag Committee recently proposed new cuts and restrictions to SNAP in the draft Farm Bill, which could take food off the table for many of the Nebraskans who need help the most – families looking for work, children, seniors, and primary caregivers.

Please call your House member today. Tell them to “Oppose harmful cuts and restrictions to SNAP in the Farm Bill.”

DREAMers must be allowed to contribute to Nebraska

The Trump Administration has announced it will end the successful Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that has allowed Nebraska to benefit from skills, talents, passions, and energy of over 3,400 hard-working young people.

Now is a time for Congress to hear your support. Every day Congress delays, more Dreamers lose their protections and face the threat of an uncertain future with their families and home communities.

Call Nebraska’s U.S. Senators and your Congressman and tell them they must support the bipartisan “Dream Act of 2017.” (House version – H.R. 3440, Senate version S. 1615). This bill will provide DACA recipients and other similar hard-working young Nebraskans who were brought to the U.S. as children the certainty of legal status, and eventually, a way to earn U.S. citizenship.

We need a clean Dream Act right away.

Everyone should have a safe workplace

Over the past decades, significant and convincing data has piled up to show that working in the meatpacking and poultry processing industries continue to be some of the most dangerous jobs in the country.

The Trump Administration has proposed a new rule to make it even more dangerous – both for workers in pork slaughter plants and the food that makes it to your plate. The plan to remove federal food safety inspectors and increase the already dangerously high line speeds in pork plants would be a disaster for all involved.

Submit a comment to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Tell them not to increase line speeds in pork plants and act to protect food and worker safety. Our lawmakers must pass protections that prevent the hard-working men and women who prepare our food from suffering permanent, crippling injuries on the job.