TAKE ACTION: Basic Paid Sick Leave on Agenda Tonight

UnicameralThe Nebraska Legislature is scheduled to debate LB258 as soon as tonight, which would ensure Nebraskans have access to basic, earned paid sick leave promoting healthier and stronger families, especially working parents with young children. Make a short call or email to your senator today, urging them to support this important bill.

Access to basic paid sick leave consistently emerges as a priority for Nebraskans working essential jobs across our state, including family members and neighbors working in meatpacking. It is all too common for Nebraskans not to have access to even one paid sick day to go to the doctor or care for a sick child. 

Community perspectives shared during the bill hearing:

“If you’re sick and working on the line, we’re wiping our nose on our sleeves to try to make sure it doesn’t drip on the food. If I have a fever in addition to a runny nose, they’ll let me go home, but they’ll give me half a point penalty and it’s not paid time off to get better.”

“If they [employer] don’t care about us — the health of their workers — then they’re going to care even less if it’s your child.”

“At my work, we can arrange in advance for time off for something more serious like a surgery. But if I’m sick one day, I can’t take the day off. There is no paid time off, and they’ll give me a point [penalty] as well.”

Paid sick days provide financial stability for families and benefit local businesses. LB 258 would allow Nebraskans to earn 5 paid sick days per year. Paid sick day policies reduce workplace transmissions of contagious viruses such as the flu and COVID-19, ensuring people remain healthy when a co-worker is ill. 

Take Action: Support healthy families and workplaces

Contact your senator today to support LB258!

During the pandemic, basic paid sick leave is an important tool for preventing COVID-19 spread. Beyond the pandemic, basic paid sick leave is a wise long-term policy for healthy workplaces, families, and communities. Let’s ensure Nebraskans have access to common-sense health leave, during a pandemic and for the future.

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