Asian Americans

Supporting our Asian-Americans Friends and Neighbors

Our communities are strongest when everyone feels valued, safe, and respected. The Asian-American and Pacific Islander population in Nebraska is growing, and contributes greatly to our local communities as faith and business leaders, artists, students, teachers, and in many other roles. Unfortunately, our Asian-American friends and neighbors are also experiencing increased discrimination based on misplaced anxiety and fear related to the pandemic.

Asian AmericansThe recent uptick of discrimination and intolerance against Asian-Americans – nationally as well as within Nebraska – has certainly been fueled by racist rhetoric and messaging, including from top government leaders who wrongly referred to the COVID-19 pandemic using false names that stoked unfounded fears and perpetuated stigma about Asian Americans. These actions have been extremely harmful to our community at large.

As people who are committed to building a more welcoming and inclusive statewide community, we must counter fear and hate with love and solidarity. It takes all of us!

Here are some ways you can support Asian American community members:

Together, we can contribute to sending the message that hate, including racism and xenophobia, is unacceptable in all of its forms. Asian-Americans help make Nebraska a beautiful and vibrant place, and we stand together with them in love and solidarity.

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