ACA allowed aspiring Omaha teacher to get needed coverage

Note: We’ve been overwhelmed by the number of Nebraskans who wanted to tell us how the health insurance protections of the Affordable Care Act have improved their lives. This is one of those stories.


I have lived in Nebraska most of my life. I am currently working in the Omaha Public School system and pursuing my teaching credentials.

I received my bachelor’s degree from a Nebraska institution, and double masters’ degrees from a well-known Massachusetts college. I wanted to come back to Nebraska to practice my discipline. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to find full-time employment in this field, although I continue to do volunteer work in the discipline. Initially, during my job search, I was still eligible for health coverage under my parents’ employer-based insurance.

At the time I could no longer be on my parent’s employer-based insurance plan, I had only part-time work as an elementary school para-professional, which gave me an income just over the minimum to be eligible to purchase an individual policy through the Marketplace. The subsidies made it affordable for me to purchase a plan that gave me preventative services, access to prescription medications I needed, and medical follow-up for a health condition.

I am still searching for better employment in my field and fear I may have to leave Nebraska for such an opportunity. Unfortunately, I simply cannot risk part-time or low-paying positions in Nebraska while I pursue full employment in my chosen discipline, because I do not want to face the dilemma of no access to affordable health coverage in the emerging political environment.

Nebraska policy-makers should be doing all they can, including supporting Medicaid Expansion and full access to affordable health insurance, to assure that we can retain our young professionals who want to remain in our home state in the future.

Take Action!

Call the offices of Nebraska’s U.S. Senators today and tell them not to support ANY bill that slashes Medicaid, increases health care costs, and causes any Nebraskan to lose their coverage.  Every Nebraskan needs affordable, quality  health insurance.

Urge them to preserve Medicaid funding and don’t support any plan that makes it harder for Nebraskans to get the care they need.

Sen. Deb Fischer (202) 224-6551       Sen. Ben Sasse (202) 224-4224

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