Appleseed’s physical offices have relocated following a recent fire in our office building. Thankfully, none of our staff were injured, and our work to fight for justice and opportunity for all Nebraskans will continue uninterrupted.

You can now find us located at 826 P Street, 3rd floor (above Old Chicago in Lincoln’s Haymarket).

It may take a little extra time for us to respond to you at the moment, and for that, we do apologize. Be assured our staff will try to return your phone call or email as quickly as possible. Our mailing address remains the same (941 O Street, Suite 920, Lincoln, NE 68508)

Alejandra Ayotitla

Community Organizer – Immigrants & Communities Program

Damali Britton

Weitz Fellow

Phone 402-438-8853 x123

Becca Brune

Program Associate – Child Welfare Program

Phone 402-438-8853 x121

Cynthia Davis

Office Manager

Phone 402-438-8853 x103

Allison Derr

Senior Law Clerk - Child Welfare Program

Phone 402-438-8853 x133

Morgann Freeman

Development Associate

Phone 402-438-8853 x127

César García

Community Organizer – Immigrants & Communities Program

Phone 402-438-8853 x124

Schuyler Geery-Zink

Senior Law Clerk - Immigrants & Communities Program

Phone 402-438-8853 x136

James Goddard

Program Director / Staff Attorney – Economic Justice & Health Care Programs

Phone 402-438-8853 x108

Rebecca Gonzales

Project Coordinator – Immigrants & Communities Program

Phone 402-438-8853 x107

Becky Gould

Executive Director

Phone 402-438-8853 x102

Sarah Helvey

Program Director / Staff Attorney – Child Welfare Program

Phone 402-438-8853 x106

Kristine Hull

Director of Finance & Administration

Phone 402-438-8853 x100

José Jiménez

Community Organizer – Immigrants & Communities Program

Phone 402-438-8853 x134

Lee Kreimer

Welcoming Associate - Immigrants & Communities Program

Phone 402-438-8853 x135

Selina Martinez

Organizing Director

Phone 402-438-8853 x116

Molly McCleery

Deputy Director / Staff Attorney – Health Care Program

Phone 402-438-8853 x113

Gwen McElhattan

Community Organizer – Economic Justice & Health Care Access Programs

Phone 402-438-8853 x141

Robert McEwen

Legal Director

Phone 402-438-8853 x115

Terrell McKinney

Hunger Action Advocate

Phone 402-438-8853 x137

Natasha Naseem

Community Organizer, Collective Impact Lincoln

Phone 402-438-8853 x118

Kayleigh Newman

Grant Coordinator

Phone 402-438-8853 x101

Katie Pitts

Director of Public Policy

Phone 402-438-8853 x104

Gloria Sarmiento

Community Organizer – Immigrants & Communities Program

Phone 402-438-8853 x111

Eric Savaiano

Program Associate – Health Care Program

Phone 402-438-8853 x126

Erin Schoonover

Program Assistant

Phone 402-438-8853 x117

Nicholette Seigfreid

Executive Assistant

Phone 402-438-8853 x122

Jeff Sheldon

Communications Director

Phone 402-438-8853 x119

Ken Smith

Staff Attorney – Economic Justice Program

Phone 402-438-8853 x109

Nic Swiercek

Director of Development & Engagement

Phone 402-438-8853 x110

Trisha Thompson

Intake Coordinator

Phone 402-438-8853 x105

Darcy Tromanhauser

Program Director – Immigrants & Communities Program

Phone 402-438-8853 x112

Eric Wickizer

Director of Information Technology

Phone 402-438-8853 x120

London Woolman

Human Resources Director

Phone 402-438-8853 x129

Christa Yoakum

Nebraska Is Home Coordinator – Immigrants & Communities Program

Phone 402-438-8853 x114

Omaid Zabih

Federal Policy Director

Phone 402-438-8853 x128