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Speak up for housing rights

Evictions are still happening. Tell Lincoln City Leaders to ACT.

Despite various attempts at implementing state and federal eviction moratoria, evictions have never fully stopped in Lincoln. We at Collective Impact Lincoln believe our city leaders have the power and responsibility to enact a limited eviction moratorium to close the gaps left by federal and state protections. Evictions are still happening. There are 29 hearings next week. There are a… Read more →

Take Action

TAKE ACTION: Support the Heroes Act to Provide Critical Relief to Nebraskans

As early as Friday, the US House of Representatives could vote on the Heroes Act which is designed to close gaps in previous relief measures and support families and communities as they continue to confront the COVID-19 public health crisis and its ripple effects. This bill would provide critical relief to thousands of Nebraskans left out of the CARES Act,… Read more →

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Take Action: Put the safety and well-being of our communities first.

The safety and well-being of our communities is top priority. We need compassionate policies that support Nebraska families and children. As the number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases are identified across our state and the nation, Nebraska Appleseed emphasizes the need for compassionate and comprehensive policies that prioritize the safety and well-being of our communities across our state. We are only… Read more →

Get to know the Medicaid expansion waiver: work requirements

What is the Medicaid expansion waiver? Why are work requirements problematic? Last November, Nebraskans passed Initiative 427, expanding Medicaid to adults who make up to 138% of the Federal Poverty Level (about $17,000 a year for an individual). Instead of honoring the vote and promptly starting the program, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is intentionally seeking… Read more →

Medicaid saving lives for 54 years!

Medicaid turns 54! It’s time for Nebraska to implement Medicaid expansion   Today, Medicaid turns 54! Since it began, it’s saved many, many lives, lifting people out of poverty and giving them the chance to pursue their passions and dreams. For decades, Medicaid has provided stable coverage for millions of Americans, including thousands of Nebraskans. Many of Nebraska’s low-income parents,… Read more →

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Take Action: Reopen government, reject anti-immigrant bill

The longest government shutdown in history has caused serious harm to families, communities, and workers across the country. Services for nutrition programs, Native American health care, rental housing, and public health and safety are increasingly threatened. Hundreds of thousands of federal workers have felt the financial strain that has made paying rent, feeding their families, or going to the doctor… Read more →

Take Action Against Indefinite Child Detention

Families seeking safety and asylum at our southern border are currently being separated. While that is horrible enough, the White House is seeking to implement an even-worse plan. The Trump Administration is currently attempting to replace a family-separation policy rejected nationwide with indefinite child and family detention, which would subject children to further trauma and abuse. Take Action! You can… Read more →

How you can help pass Initiative 427 to expand Medicaid in Nebraska

First of all, we want to say “thank you so much” for all of your hard work during the signature collection phase of the Insure the Good Life campaign to expand Medicaid in Nebraska! With help from volunteers like you, we were able to collect signatures from all 93 counties across Nebraska. Last week, the Secretary of State certified over 105,000 signatures – well over the… Read more →

Things you can do right now to help the O’Neill community devastated by ICE raids

So many of you have reached out asking how you can help the community of O’Neill following last week’s devastating ICE raids that shattered hard-working families and left many people in dire financial circumstances. Here are a couple ways you can take action today to make a big difference. Make a Donation Local organizations have set up ways to make a financial… Read more →

Fight back against the House’s anti-Dreamer bills

Over the past few years, Nebraskans across the state have stood with hard-working, talented young Dreamers, whose roots have been planted in this state since childhood. Dreamers like Joseline and Joel grew up in Nebraska, went to our schools, and are starting their careers here. Now, they and their families are under threat and need our help. At a time… Read more →

Take Action

Take Action – Tell Congress to put a stop to inhumane family separation

Nebraskans agree that strong, united families are the foundation of successful communities. And for generations, our immigration laws reflected those values. But now, cruel and inhumane new policies are threatening families who are seeking safety in the U.S. from danger. The White House has announced a new plan to separate children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border and warehouse kids… Read more →

Take Action

Take Action: Stop food cuts in Farm Bill that would hurt vulnerable Nebraskans

Will you make a phone call today to protect the ability for tens of thousands of Nebraskans to put food on their table? Now is an important time for your Congressman to hear from you. Last week, the House Agriculture Committee proposed the 2018 Farm Bill, which put forward drastic cuts and harmful new restrictions to our country’s most-important food security program, the Supplemental… Read more →

Take Action – For DREAMers and our communities, time is running out

We’re asking for you to take a minute today to stand with DREAMers, their families, and strong Nebraska communities. Call our members of Congress. Tell them they must pass a clean version of the bipartisan “DREAM Act of 2017” this week and avoid potentially another costly government shutdown. Our communities are stronger with Nebraska Dreamers in the picture! Sen. Deb… Read more →

Take Action

Take Action – We must stand with DREAMers now

On September 5, the Trump Administration announced that over the next six months it will end the successful Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that has allowed Nebraska to benefit from skills, talents, passions, and energy of over 3,000 hard-working young people. We know Nebraskans stand with DREAMers. We saw it today when nearly 500 of you stood in… Read more →

Volunteer Spotlight – Sydney and Alexis canvas for positive change

Note: Part of fighting for positive change in our communities means getting to work with outstanding, like-minded volunteer partners who share our goal of expanding justice and opportunity in Nebraska. Periodically, we will feature individuals and organizations with whom we have been fortunate to work to build a brighter future in our state.   This is a guest post by… Read more →


Nebraska organizations urge House members to protect anti-hunger programs

There are hundreds of thousands of Nebraska families that struggle with hunger, and food security programs are some of the most-effective ways to make sure that every Nebraskan – children, seniors, veterans, and other hard-working people – are able to get the food they need. Friday, a group of 10 Nebraska organizations sent a letter to Nebraska’s three House members… Read more →

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Take Action – Governor vetoes put kids and families in danger

Nebraska is a state that has learned hard lessons about what can happen to children and families when their needs go unmet. Yet, the Governor keeps making choices that cause further harm to our most-vulnerable Nebraskans. Today, Governor Ricketts issued several line-item vetoes to the state budget (LB 327) that will cause long-lasting harm to the safety of children in… Read more →

Take Action – Support strong, united communities!

For generations, immigrants and refugee Nebraskans have made valuable contributions to our state – and are an important part of strong communities, local businesses, and Nebraska families. But recent harmful and divisive policies in Washington, D.C. have created fear and uncertainty in many local communities. We have a chance now to show Nebraskans stand with immigrant and refugee neighbors. Early… Read more →


House votes to cut Nebraskans’ health care – What happens now

La versión en español está abajo.   It just happened. Today, the House of Representatives voted to pass the American Health Care Act (AHCA), a bill that will cause potentially tens of thousands of Nebraskans like Rose and Matt to lose their health coverage. Because the House rushed a vote on this bill before the Congressional Budget Office could analyze… Read more →

Take Action

Take Action – Oppose damaging tax plan and protect “The Good Life”

Every time there is a shortfall in our state budget, investments in hard-working Nebraskans are often the first to be cut. Nebraska is facing a budget shortfall of more than $1 billion. Despite this challenge, Governor Ricketts and members of the Legislature are proposing a big income tax cut that won’t do anything for our state’s middle-class and low-income families,… Read more →

Take Action – Tell Congress “I support refugees and immigrants”

Late Friday, President Trump added to last week’s anti-immigrant and refugee executive orders with an order that indefinitely bans refugees from Syria, and severely restricts immigration from several other Muslim-majority countries. These executive orders do not reflect America’s strongly held values that insist that we create safe homes for those escaping violence and persecution. And judging potential immigrants based on… Read more →

Take Action – Don’t let Congress tear down the health care system

This week, Congress took another step down a path that will endanger the health insurance of hundreds of thousands of Nebraskans. In the early hours of Thursday morning, the U.S. Senate cast its first vote in the process to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which has dramatically improved the quality of health insurance in America. But it’s not too late… Read more →

Action Alert – Now is the time to protect health care

Because of the Affordable Care Act, tens of thousands of Nebraskans are among the millions of Americans who can now get quality, affordable health insurance. But Congress already is taking steps to end those life-saving protections with no replacement plan in sight. Will you call our Senators today? Tell Sen. Deb Fischer and Sen. Ben Sasse they can’t vote to… Read more →