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TAKE ACTION: Support the Heroes Act to Provide Critical Relief to Nebraskans

As early as Friday, the US House of Representatives could vote on the Heroes Act which is designed to close gaps in previous relief measures and support families and communities as they continue to confront the COVID-19 public health crisis and its ripple effects. This bill would provide critical relief to thousands of Nebraskans left out of the CARES Act,… Read more →

Take Action: Put the safety and well-being of our communities first.

The safety and well-being of our communities is top priority. We need compassionate policies that support Nebraska families and children. As the number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases are identified across our state and the nation, Nebraska Appleseed emphasizes the need for compassionate and comprehensive policies that prioritize the safety and well-being of our communities across our state. We are only… Read more →

Get to know the Medicaid expansion waiver: work requirements

What is the Medicaid expansion waiver? Why are work requirements problematic? Last November, Nebraskans passed Initiative 427, expanding Medicaid to adults who make up to 138% of the Federal Poverty Level (about $17,000 a year for an individual). Instead of honoring the vote and promptly starting the program, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is intentionally seeking… Read more →

Medicaid saving lives for 54 years!

Medicaid turns 54! It’s time for Nebraska to implement Medicaid expansion   Today, Medicaid turns 54! Since it began, it’s saved many, many lives, lifting people out of poverty and giving them the chance to pursue their passions and dreams. For decades, Medicaid has provided stable coverage for millions of Americans, including thousands of Nebraskans. Many of Nebraska’s low-income parents,… Read more →

Take Action: Reopen government, reject anti-immigrant bill

The longest government shutdown in history has caused serious harm to families, communities, and workers across the country. Services for nutrition programs, Native American health care, rental housing, and public health and safety are increasingly threatened. Hundreds of thousands of federal workers have felt the financial strain that has made paying rent, feeding their families, or going to the doctor… Read more →

Take Action Against Indefinite Child Detention

Families seeking safety and asylum at our southern border are currently being separated. While that is horrible enough, the White House is seeking to implement an even-worse plan. The Trump Administration is currently attempting to replace a family-separation policy rejected nationwide with indefinite child and family detention, which would subject children to further trauma and abuse. Take Action! You can… Read more →

How you can help pass Initiative 427 to expand Medicaid in Nebraska

First of all, we want to say “thank you so much” for all of your hard work during the signature collection phase of the Insure the Good Life campaign to expand Medicaid in Nebraska! With help from volunteers like you, we were able to collect signatures from all 93 counties across Nebraska. Last week, the Secretary of State certified over 105,000 signatures – well over the… Read more →

Things you can do right now to help the O’Neill community devastated by ICE raids

So many of you have reached out asking how you can help the community of O’Neill following last week’s devastating ICE raids that shattered hard-working families and left many people in dire financial circumstances. Here are a couple ways you can take action today to make a big difference. Make a Donation Local organizations have set up ways to make a financial… Read more →

Fight back against the House’s anti-Dreamer bills

Over the past few years, Nebraskans across the state have stood with hard-working, talented young Dreamers, whose roots have been planted in this state since childhood. Dreamers like Joseline and Joel grew up in Nebraska, went to our schools, and are starting their careers here. Now, they and their families are under threat and need our help. At a time… Read more →

Take Action – Tell Congress to put a stop to inhumane family separation

Nebraskans agree that strong, united families are the foundation of successful communities. And for generations, our immigration laws reflected those values. But now, cruel and inhumane new policies are threatening families who are seeking safety in the U.S. from danger. The White House has announced a new plan to separate children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border and warehouse kids… Read more →

Take Action: Stop food cuts in Farm Bill that would hurt vulnerable Nebraskans

Will you make a phone call today to protect the ability for tens of thousands of Nebraskans to put food on their table? Now is an important time for your Congressman to hear from you. Last week, the House Agriculture Committee proposed the 2018 Farm Bill, which put forward drastic cuts and harmful new restrictions to our country’s most-important food security program, the Supplemental… Read more →

Take Action – For DREAMers and our communities, time is running out

We’re asking for you to take a minute today to stand with DREAMers, their families, and strong Nebraska communities. Call our members of Congress. Tell them they must pass a clean version of the bipartisan “DREAM Act of 2017” this week and avoid potentially another costly government shutdown. Our communities are stronger with Nebraska Dreamers in the picture! Sen. Deb… Read more →

Take Action – We must stand with DREAMers now

On September 5, the Trump Administration announced that over the next six months it will end the successful Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that has allowed Nebraska to benefit from skills, talents, passions, and energy of over 3,000 hard-working young people. We know Nebraskans stand with DREAMers. We saw it today when nearly 500 of you stood in… Read more →

Volunteer Spotlight – Sydney and Alexis canvas for positive change

Note: Part of fighting for positive change in our communities means getting to work with outstanding, like-minded volunteer partners who share our goal of expanding justice and opportunity in Nebraska. Periodically, we will feature individuals and organizations with whom we have been fortunate to work to build a brighter future in our state.   This is a guest post by… Read more →

Nebraska organizations urge House members to protect anti-hunger programs

There are hundreds of thousands of Nebraska families that struggle with hunger, and food security programs are some of the most-effective ways to make sure that every Nebraskan – children, seniors, veterans, and other hard-working people – are able to get the food they need. Friday, a group of 10 Nebraska organizations sent a letter to Nebraska’s three House members… Read more →

Take Action – Governor vetoes put kids and families in danger

Nebraska is a state that has learned hard lessons about what can happen to children and families when their needs go unmet. Yet, the Governor keeps making choices that cause further harm to our most-vulnerable Nebraskans. Today, Governor Ricketts issued several line-item vetoes to the state budget (LB 327) that will cause long-lasting harm to the safety of children in… Read more →

Take Action – Support strong, united communities!

For generations, immigrants and refugee Nebraskans have made valuable contributions to our state – and are an important part of strong communities, local businesses, and Nebraska families. But recent harmful and divisive policies in Washington, D.C. have created fear and uncertainty in many local communities. We have a chance now to show Nebraskans stand with immigrant and refugee neighbors. Early… Read more →

House votes to cut Nebraskans’ health care – What happens now

La versión en español está abajo.   It just happened. Today, the House of Representatives voted to pass the American Health Care Act (AHCA), a bill that will cause potentially tens of thousands of Nebraskans like Rose and Matt to lose their health coverage. Because the House rushed a vote on this bill before the Congressional Budget Office could analyze… Read more →

Take Action – Oppose damaging tax plan and protect “The Good Life”

Every time there is a shortfall in our state budget, investments in hard-working Nebraskans are often the first to be cut. Nebraska is facing a budget shortfall of more than $1 billion. Despite this challenge, Governor Ricketts and members of the Legislature are proposing a big income tax cut that won’t do anything for our state’s middle-class and low-income families,… Read more →

Take Action – Tell Congress “I support refugees and immigrants”

Late Friday, President Trump added to last week’s anti-immigrant and refugee executive orders with an order that indefinitely bans refugees from Syria, and severely restricts immigration from several other Muslim-majority countries. These executive orders do not reflect America’s strongly held values that insist that we create safe homes for those escaping violence and persecution. And judging potential immigrants based on… Read more →

Take Action – Don’t let Congress tear down the health care system

This week, Congress took another step down a path that will endanger the health insurance of hundreds of thousands of Nebraskans. In the early hours of Thursday morning, the U.S. Senate cast its first vote in the process to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which has dramatically improved the quality of health insurance in America. But it’s not too late… Read more →

Action Alert – Now is the time to protect health care

Because of the Affordable Care Act, tens of thousands of Nebraskans are among the millions of Americans who can now get quality, affordable health insurance. But Congress already is taking steps to end those life-saving protections with no replacement plan in sight. Will you call our Senators today? Tell Sen. Deb Fischer and Sen. Ben Sasse they can’t vote to… Read more →

Take Action! Good health coverage is at stake

We know tens of thousands of Nebraskans are among the millions of Americans who can now get quality, affordable health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. For the first time ever, thousands of Nebraskans have good insurance that covers prescription medicines and life-saving preventive care, and they can’t be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. But Congress could vote… Read more →

“Diapers In Detention” calls for end of treating asylum-seeking mothers and children like criminals

People who come to the United States seeking safety from violence should not be treated as criminals. But, many people seeking asylum – including women with their young children – are being held in for-profit, jail-like facilities surrounded by walls that separate them from both safety and human dignity. On September 1, Nebraska faith and community leaders gathered in Omaha… Read more →

Take Action – Let young Nebraskans work for their dreams

One of the best resources Nebraska has for a bright future is hard-working young people who want to follow their career dreams and practice their chosen professions right here in our state. We’re asking you to take action today to help more of these bright young Nebraskans reach their career goals and be part of the next generation of Nebraska… Read more →

Tell large chicken companies that workers deserve safe conditions, fair pay

Oxfam America has recently released an expansive and troubling report on America’s poultry industry entitled “Lives on the Line: The Human Cost of Cheap Chicken”. (you can also read a pdf version of the report here) The report’s immersive website contains many eye-opening and informative web graphics and videos. The excellent report documents many personal stories from workers, unpacks the… Read more →

TAKE ACTION – Tell Congress & Governor Ricketts to welcome Syrian refugees!

As people across the United States are volunteering to welcome Syrian refugees in their communities, a number of Governors recently announced that they want to stop their states from resettling Syrian refugees. Some Members of Congress have even introduced legislation that would stop refugee resettlement altogether. It is critical that public officials hear from their constituents NOW as decisions are… Read more →

Take Action – Thank the Legislature for voting to give DREAMers driver’s licenses

Congratulations! You helped make history! On May 28, the Nebraska Legislature voted to override the Governor’s veto of LB 623! With an overwhelming vote of 34-10, the Legislature stood strong and reaffirmed their commitment to these talented, hard-working young Nebraskans. It’s time to say “thank you” to those who supported DREAMers and recognized their contributions to Nebraska. Please contact these… Read more →

Take Action – Tell Legislature to override veto of DREAMers driver’s license bill

We need you to stand up TONIGHT for young immigrant Nebraskans! Wednesday night, the Governor vetoed LB 623 — the bill that would allow young immigrant Nebraskans known as “DREAMers” to apply for driver’s licenses — despite the bill being passed with overwhelming 34-9 support by the Legislature last week. TAKE ACTION We need you to contact your State Senator… Read more →

Take Action – Urge Governor to sign DREAMers driver’s license bill

You did it! Today, the Nebraska Legislature voted 34-9 on Final Reading to pass LB 623, the bill that will allow young immigrant Nebraskans known as “DREAMers” to apply for driver’s licenses. But, there’s one more step you need to take. Please contact Governor Ricketts and urge him to sign the bill so Nebraska can become the final state to… Read more →

Take Action – Protect minimum wage for hard-working Nebraska students

Last fall, Nebraskans overwhelmingly voted to raise our state’s minimum wage to $9 per hour, but a new bill in the Legislature would strip that fair wage from hard-working young Nebraskans. LB 599 would allow employers to pay high school student workers less than other employees, which is in direct contrast to what Nebraskans voted for last November. The bill… Read more →

Take Action – Tell U.S. Senate to fund Children’s Health Insurance Program

Today is an important day to take action by asking our U.S. Senators to make children’s health care a priority by extending funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The Senate is back from recess today and their first action must be to extend funding for CHIP, a program that provides health coverage for over 55,000 Nebraska children. The… Read more →

Become a sustainer of justice for all

Building a stronger, more just society in Nebraska requires long-term commitment. We’re in it for the long haul at Appleseed, dedicated to a vision where we have effective public systems and strong communities that ensure full opportunity for all Nebraskans. If this vision speaks to you, please consider becoming a monthly donor to Nebraska Appleseed and sustain the fight for… Read more →

Legislative Update – March 30

Nebraska Appleseed’s Legislative Update News and Updates from the Nebraska Unicameral March 30, 2015   Last week marked the first week of full-day debate in the Legislature, and one of Appleseed’s priority bills is on the agenda for this week.   Child care “cliff effect” bill set for debate this week LB 81 – This bill introduced by Sen. Tanya… Read more →

Action Alert – Tell Congress to fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program

Today, ask our U.S. Representatives to make children’s health care a priority by supporting the bipartisan legislation in the House of Representatives to extend funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). On Thursday, Congress will vote to extend funding for CHIP, a program that provides health coverage for over 55,000 Nebraska children. We’re asking you to act TODAY. Contact… Read more →

Come to LB 472 Lobby Day – March 5

Right now, more than 54,000 working Nebraskans have no way to afford health insurance This coverage gap results in enormous human and financial costs that can no longer be ignored. The Nebraska Legislature can close this coverage gap in 2015 by passing LB 472, and you can make your voice heard! Join us for a lobby day at the Capitol on March 5th… Read more →

ACTION ALERT – Tell your State Senator to Close the Coverage Gap

Today, a bill was introduced in the Legislature that would close Nebraska’s health coverage gap and fix a problem that currently inflicts high human and financial costs on our state. We hope you’ll act today to show your support. We’re asking you to contact your state senator and urge them to support LB 472, to make health care make sense for… Read more →

ACTION ALERT: We can’t move backwards on immigration

Nebraskans have been saying for a long time that Congress must move us forward with up-to-date immigration laws that keep families united, boost our economy, and create a strong foundation for our future. But, harmful new legislation is threatening to drag us backwards into more pitfalls that mean more broken families and more needless deportations. Take action today! Call or… Read more →

Shopping around could mean big savings on health insurance

For those who signed up for health insurance last enrollment period through Health Insurance Marketplace, plans will be automatically renewed for the upcoming year starting tomorrow. While this makes it easier for individuals to stay covered, most could save money by reviewing their plans and considering switching to a different insurer.  According to an article in The New York Times,… Read more →

Appleseed In Action – December 2014 – Keeping Nebraska families together

News and Events from Nebraska Appleseed – December 2014 12/3/2014 In this December edition of “Appleseed in Action”: Nebraskans support President’s Administrative Relief Enroll Nebraska launches 500 By the 15th campaign Report shows working Nebraskans fall in coverage gap Nebraska Supreme Court decides important ICWA case Support our fight for justice for families facing hunger President’s Administrative Relief a good… Read more →

Justice for families facing hunger

When kids and families experience tough times the last thing they need is uncertainty about where they will find their next meal. Yet approximately 30 percent of all Nebraska households applying for food assistance needlessly wait longer than a month for approval for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Because of the State of Nebraska’s troubled ACCESS Nebraska benefit processing… Read more →

Nebraska Students Vote

Note: This is a guest blog post from a group of Union College students who worked with Appleseed staff this fall to create a project designed to encourage Nebraska college students to vote in this election. This semester the Practice III class at Union College hosted a service ­learning project where students had the opportunity to work alongside an organization.… Read more →

Take Action – Vote for Initiative 425 to raise Nebraska’s minimum wage

Tomorrow is your chance to help make hard work pay in Nebraska by voting FOR Initiative 425 to raise Nebraska’s minimum wage to $9.00 per hour! Voting for Initiative 425 will reaffirm the value and dignity of hard work for thousands of Nebraska families who have fallen behind despite working full-time jobs. Click here to find your polling place Our… Read more →

Supporters gather 135,000 signatures to put minimum wage on fall ballot

Measure to raise Minimum Wage to be voted on this fall pending signature verification On July 3, the good news didn’t come in small packages, but in stacks and stacks of large boxes, piled high in the rotunda of the State Capitol. The boxes contained petitions signed by nearly 135,000 Nebraskans from every corner of our state in support of… Read more →

A Window of Opportunity for Common-Sense Immigration Laws

Take Action for Common-Sense Immigration Laws! This month marks the one-year anniversary of the U.S. Senate passing a bipartisan immigration bill, yet we’re still waiting for the House of Representatives to act. Today, add your voice to a nationwide call to action! Call your representative and urge him to fix our outdated immigration laws to stop separating families and to create… Read more →

Rally to support opportunities for Nebraska’s hardworking families

On Tuesday, the Nebraska Legislature voted down LB 943, a bill that would have raised Nebraska’s minimum wage to $9 per hour for hourly employees and increased the minimum wage for workers who earn tips to 70 percent of that standard minimum wage.  Introduced by Sen. Nordquist, with the tipped minimum wage amendment from Sen. Lathrop, the bill received 20… Read more →

Please thank the senators who fought for hard-working, uninsured Nebraskans

As you may have seen this morning, LB 887, the Wellness in Nebraska Act, that would have provided a path to affordable health insurance for at least 54,000 uninsured Nebraskans, was filibustered this morning. The vote to end debate was 27-21, with 33 votes necessary to end debate. While this is a disappointing outcome, we will continue to work with… Read more →

House takes steps toward new immigration laws

Last week, the House Republican leadership released a set of principles for updating our country’s immigration laws. We were encouraged to see the release of these principles as an indication that this year’s legislative agenda will include immigration reform, which unfortunately stalled in the House after the Senate passed a historic bipartisan bill last year. This inaction – in the… Read more →

Interfaith candlelight vigil brings Nebraskans together to call for updated immigration laws

Tuesday evening, a crowd of around 100 faith, family, and community leaders joined immigration reform supporters for a candlelight vigil outside the Roman Hruska Federal Courthouse in downtown Omaha to support common-sense U.S. immigration laws being passed before the end of the year. The candlelight vigil, held in conjunction with the 7th night of Hanukkah, was held to lift up… Read more →

Sign online petition supporting responsible tax system in Nebraska

The Nebraska Tax Modernization Committee has finished up its series of public hearings and is now meeting to come up with recommendations for the future of our state’s tax system. We have one more way we would like our state senators to hear from you. Please consider signing this online petition started by Rebuild Nebraska telling our senators you believe… Read more →

Nebraskans hold vigils, events to urge House action on immigration this year

The four-person dinner table contained settings for only three.  The head of the table sat empty, its absence most conspicuous. The symbol was a powerful one.  Representing Nebraska families who are missing a loved one because of detention or deportation, this dinner scene was not whole, incomplete. Thursday, Nebraskans in several cities gathered together to urge our state’s House of… Read more →

Take Action – Prayer vigil for new immigration law Thursday

This year, thousands of Nebraskans have shown their support for Congress to pass updated immigration laws that keep families together, make our economy stronger, and move us forward as a state and country. Join us Thursday, November 7, for a prayer vigil for immigration reform outside Congressman Lee Terry’s Omaha office.  A host of Omaha faith leaders will lead supporters… Read more →

March and rally in Omaha Saturday for updated immigration laws

Saturday is a huge day for Nebraskans who think NOW is the time to fix our outdated immigration system! We want you to join hundreds of Nebraskans from across the state in Omaha Saturday afternoon as we march and gather to tell Congress now is the time to pass updated immigration laws that strengthen families, businesses, communities, and the future… Read more →

Immigration Reform Summer: Now it’s time for House action

This was the summer of immigration reform in Nebraska and around the country. While our congressmen were back in Nebraska during the August recess, they heard loud and clear across the state Nebraskans are tired of seeing our families and communities harmed by outdated immigration laws. Community, faith, business, youth, and immigrant leaders attended town halls and held dozens of… Read more →

Take Action: Oppose dangerous House proposal to slash food assistance

No Nebraskan should have to go hungry.  But, this week the House of Representatives will introduce a bill that would slash $40 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly food stamps), which helps nearly 180,000 people in Nebraska – a large proportion of them children – get enough to eat. We are urging you to call your congressman… Read more →

Take Action – Add your voice to Nebraska tax discussion

Our state’s tax system affects every Nebraska family, and changes in tax policy can have big implications especially to families that make low incomes. To make sure our tax system is fair for our state’s lowest-earning families, Appleseed is keeping a close eye on the discussion about possible changes to Nebraska’s tax system made by the Legislature’s Tax Modernization Committee.… Read more →

New USDA data show 1 in 7 Nebraska households struggle with hunger

According to new data released Wednesday, 1 in 7 Nebraska households struggle against hunger. The statistics, compiled by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Economic Research Service, show 13.4 percent of Nebraska households struggled with hunger on average in the years 2010-2012 according to the USDA’s annual report on food insecurity. More than 48.9 million Americans lived in households that… Read more →

Appleseed In Action – News and Events for August 2013

In this August edition of “Appleseed in Action” Take Action to support common-sense immigration reform Rebuild Nebraska pushes for sustainable tax structure Protect SNAP for Nebraska families and children Alex Gibilisco joins Immigrants & Communities Meet our Law Clerks and Interns Appleseed at the Maha Music Festival August is a crucial month to ask your congressman to support common-sense immigration… Read more →

TAKE ACTION – Support immigration reform at Town Hall meetings with Nebraska congressional delegation

Now is the time to make your voice heard on a common-sense immigration system that keeps Nebraska families together, strengthens our economy, and reflects our values! Our members of Congress are back in Nebraska for five weeks of recess starting this week.  They are holding a series of town hall meetings throughout August to hear from people like you on… Read more →

Join us for an Immigration Reform Advocacy Night Thursday in Omaha

The U.S. Senate recently passed a bill to fix our outdated immigration system and create a clear process for citizenship for aspiring Americans. Debate now moves to the House of Representatives, which is expected to unveil its own bill this summer.  We’re closer than ever to creating a workable immigration system. But we need your support. Join Appleseed for an… Read more →

Your voice critical TODAY on historic immigration reform

Thanks to those who already tried to call! The original phone number was not connecting with Nebraska senators.  Please use the corrected phone number below! Last night, the bipartisan Senate immigration bill passed a first critical test and vote. There will be a final vote on the bill by the Senate as early as Thursday. Both Senator Johanns and Senator… Read more →

Farm bills contain SNAP cuts that will harm working families

On Monday, June 10, the U.S. Senate passed its Farm Bill by a vote of 66-27. The Senate bill, a comprehensive piece of legislation setting many of our nation’s farm and food policies, includes a huge cut to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Specifically, the Senate bill cuts $4.1 billion from SNAP over ten years by eliminating “Heat and… Read more →

Take Action – Path to citizenship for immigrants protects children

Nationwide, an estimated 4.5 million children who are U.S. citizens live in families where one or more of their parents are undocumented. As Nebraska children’s, family, and health advocates highlighted in a recent press conference (see below), these children will grow up to be our future family members, neighbors and co-workers – and their health and well-being as children today… Read more →

Day of Action – FB, tweet & call for immigration reform TODAY

Nebraska’s U.S. senators and congressmen are back at home this week for the Memorial Day recess. Next week, they’ll return to DC where the bipartisan immigration reform bill (S.744) will be debated and voted on in the Senate, and discussion is also expected to begin in the House. Today is a day you can help  spread the word that immigration… Read more →

Take Action TODAY: Remove barriers facing youth who age out of foster care

Nebraska’s current foster care system results in poor outcomes for too many young people who age out of foster care.  We miss out on their human potential and a stronger workforce because of the barriers they face in becoming successful adults. But we have a chance to remove those barriers TODAY when the Legislature is scheduled to debate LB 216.… Read more →

Crowd rallies at Capitol to urge senators to bring Medicaid bill to a vote

There are days when we at Nebraska Appleseed are especially proud of the work we do and the wonderful friends, partners, and supporters who we stand with. Yesterday was one of those days when 300 supporters gathered at the State Capitol to show their support for LB 577, the bill that would extend Medicaid to 54,000 uninsured Nebraskans, bring more… Read more →

Free public presentation on the Affordable Care Act in Omaha – May 10

Join us in Omaha on Friday, May 10 for a free presentation on the Affordable Care Act and the new Medicaid program being debated in the Legislature.  This program is hosted by First United Methodist Church – Omaha. Nebraska Appleseed attorney Jerusha Hancock will answer your questions, tell you how the new health care reform law will work for you,… Read more →

Make your voice heard on Facebook and Twitter to help bring Medicaid bill to a vote

Today, we’re asking all our supporters to take a moment to help bring LB 577 to a vote and help 54,000 uninsured, working Nebraskans to get health care coverage while returning $2.3 billion to our state’s economy. A small group of state senators are preventing this bill from coming up for a vote.  That is not how important decisions should… Read more →

Take Action – Help Medicaid bill get a vote!

A crucial piece of legislation is being obstructed in the Legislature.  We need your help! LB 577, the bill that would extend Medicaid coverage, would help 54,000 uninsured, working Nebraskans get access to health care.  It would provide security to our rural hospitals, our working families, and our veterans.  It is beneficial to our economy, returning $2.3 billion to our… Read more →

Success Beyond 18 launches to give young people a better path to success

Monday, young people with experience in foster care teamed up with legislators and child welfare experts from across the country to head to Washington D.C., and help launch Success Beyond 18, a national campaign of the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative to create a better path for young people transitioning from foster care to adulthood. Speakers included Gary Stangler, Executive… Read more →

Take Action – Support Lincoln City Charter Amendment

Our public officials are best able to serve the public when there is a bond of trust between decision-makers and the people affected by those decisions.  Limiting the possibility of conflicts of interest is important to protecting that relationship. The Lincoln City Charter Amendment on the ballot May 7 would foster trust and ensure integrity within city government by prohibiting… Read more →

CBPP paper shows Medicaid saves lives and dollars

A new policy paper from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities offers an excellent overview of Medicaid, the state-federal partnership program that provides health care coverage to millions of low-income children and adults. The data is clear – Medicaid is a cost-effective program that saves lives and money. Some of the highlights from the report include: Expansions of Medicaid… Read more →

Legislative Update

Green Lights In the Capitol’s legislative chamber, there is a large sign listing each Senator’s name. When a Senator votes in favor of a bill, a light next to their name turns bright green. “Green Lights” highlights the passage of bills that advance justice and opportunity in Nebraska. LB 240 – A bill introduced by Sen. John Harms that allows… Read more →

Take Action to support accessible and high quality child care

Every Nebraska child should be safe while their parents are working, so affordable, quality child care is vital to allow our state’s families to be strong. You have a chance today to take action to strengthen working Nebraska families.  Please call your senator and ask them to support LB 507, “The Step Up to Child Care Act.” Each year about… Read more →

Legislative Update

Take Action to Support Important Bills in Legislature Last week the Legislature did not debate any of Appleseed’s priority bills.  But this week a key child welfare bill is on the agenda.  So your senators need to hear from you on a number of important bills this week. Vital transition services for youth aging out of foster care scheduled for… Read more →

Young People ask State Senators to Extend Voluntary Services and Support to 21

On January 31, young people from Project Everlast joined Senator Amanda McGill and other advocates to speak out in support of LB 216 – the Young Adult Voluntary Services and Support Act. LB 216, introduced by Senator McGill, would remove barriers facing young people who age out of foster care by extending voluntary services and support to the age of… Read more →

TAKE ACTION: National call-in days for immigration reform!

Join the national call-in days for immigration reform! Make your call today or tomorrow! Call Congress at 877-848-8289 or text “NOW” to 787753. Join supporters across the country, and flex your muscle for common-sense immigration laws with a clear and direct roadmap to citizenship that support Nebraska families, businesses, and communities! As always, your message can be short and simple… Read more →

Voter suppression bill undermines Nebraskans’ right to vote

Voting is an American right – and making voting harder is not a Nebraska value. LB 381 mandates a restrictive and unnecessary voter identification system, puts a greater burden on our already overburdened election workers, and undermines our democracy by creating barriers to voting for many older Nebraskans who no longer drive, young voters and students who move frequently, people… Read more →

Take Action! 1/3 of a Second Isn’t Long Enough to Keep Food and Workers Safe

As Thanksgiving preparations begin, take just a moment to help stop a proposed new rule that would make food and workers less safe next year. A new rule proposed by the USDA would increase line speed in poultry plants, giving inspectors only 1/3 of a second to inspect each chicken — risking your food and workers’ safety. Help stop the… Read more →