Q&A: How to access the COVID-19 Vaccine

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Answering your frequently asked questions about accessing the COVID-19 Vaccine

VaccineVaccines are an important part of how the world will fight COVID-19, and getting vaccinated is a vital step we can take to protect our families, friends, coworkers, and communities. Thankfully, COVID-19 vaccines are now widely available in the United States and can be found across our state. Understanding how we can access the COVID-19 vaccine can be complicated, so we’ve pulled together some basic information about getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

WHO CAN GET THE COVID-19 VACCINE? The federal government has made clear that people aged 12 and older living in the United States can get a COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of your immigration or health insurance status.

HOW MUCH DOES THE COVID-19 VACCINE COST? COVID-19 vaccines are FREE. This includes the cost of the vaccine itself and the administration fee. You do not need to have health insurance to receive free COVID-19 vaccines. Did you know that people without health insurance are the least likely adult demographic group to be vaccinated? That is why it is even more important to know that COVID-19 vaccines are available at no cost. You can learn more about what COVID-19 vaccine providers can and cannot do here and how to report any violations here.

WHERE CAN I GET THE VACCINE? COVID-19 vaccines are offered through local public health departments and certain pharmacies. Check here to find locations near you.

There is no question that pandemic has upended life for Nebraskans. Ensuring equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines will be crucial in helping end the pandemic. If you have questions about accessing the COVID-19 vaccine, you can reach out to Nebraska Appleseed’s Community Assistance Line.

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