WE DID IT: the SNAP cliff effect bill becomes law

With strong community support, the Nebraska Legislature voted to override the veto on the SNAP cliff effect bill (LB108) yesterday afternoon. Introduced and prioritized by Senator John McCollister, this bill will now allow thousands of Nebraskans to be able to take a pay raise without fear of losing all of their food benefits!

View how your state senator voted on LB108 here.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • This law takes effect immediately
  • This law helps protect folks from losing eligibility for SNAP benefits if they take a small pay raise or additional hours at work
  • This law increases SNAP’s gross income eligibility to 165% of the federal poverty level (about $43,000 for a household of four), meaning if you are slightly over the previous income requirements, you may now be eligible for SNAP benefits!

Call the Food Bank of Lincoln’s SNAP Hotline at 855-444-5556 to get support submitting an application

Call the Hotline

This law is a huge step forward toward addressing food insecurity in Nebraska. None of it would have been possible without the support of community members like you! Thank you for your incredible advocacy on this critical issue.

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