TAKE ACTION: Unemployment gap bill on agenda tonight

UnicameralThe Nebraska Legislature is scheduled to debate LB298, introduced and prioritized by Senator Mike McDonnell, as soon as tonight. This bill would ensure work-authorized immigrant Nebraskans can access the unemployment benefits they have earned. Make a short call or email to your senator today and urge them to vote for this important bill.

Nebraska is the only state in the country where DACA, TPS residents, and other work-authorized immigrants cannot access unemployment benefits that they have earned and that their employer has paid. LB298 would bring consistency to our state law to fix this issue.

Take Action

Contact your senator today to support LB298 and fix the unemployment gap!

During the pandemic and beyond, unemployment insurance earned by employees and paid by employers is an important tool for ensuring stability for Nebraska families in the event of a job loss. Immigrant Nebraskans with DACA and Temporary Protected Status contribute important work and skills to local communities. Ensuring access to unemployment support for families experiencing job loss has a positive impact on whole communities by preventing housing, health, and food instability.

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