Volunteer Spotlight: Stacy gives her time to improve wellbeing of her neighbors

Note: Part of fighting for positive change in our communities means getting to work with outstanding, like-minded volunteer partners who share our goal of expanding justice and opportunity in Nebraska. Periodically, we will feature individuals and organizations with whom we have been fortunate to work to build a brighter future in our state.

This is a guest post from Appleseed intern Matt Lenz



Stacy has volunteered with Appleseed fighting for access to quality health care and for more inclusive communities.

Stacy has a history of being involved in her community. Before volunteering with Appleseed, she was active with several other local nonprofits and organizations in the Lincoln area, demonstrating her commitment to improving the wellbeing of those around her. With Appleseed, Stacy has played a role in a wide range of volunteer work, from attending phone banks and making advocacy calls, to delivering letters from constituents to legislators at the Nebraska State Capitol! Throughout it all, her enthusiasm for helping others has been unflagging.

Originally drawn to Appleseed by its work on healthcare reform and defense, Stacy has also discovered a passion for helping immigrant communities and refugees in the Lincoln area, a cause which has kept Stacy deeply invested in the health of the community.

Stacy balances her volunteer work with her career as a hairdresser and her other passions and interests, such as the local music scene in Lincoln, and doing “anything that keeps me outdoors!” Her favorite part of volunteering with Appleseed has been participating in letter deliveries at the Capitol, where she is given an opportunity to relay her thoughts and concerns to representatives in person.

She has forged several strong friendships in her time at Appleseed, and has learned a lot about the details and process of engaging with representatives as a concerned citizen, all of which makes herself and her mission a valuable part of Appleseed and the community.

Thank you, Stacy!

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