Legislative Update – April 10

There’s no easing into this week as two measures we’re focusing on are up for debate right away on Monday.

Restoring the right to vote

LB 75 – Introduced by Sen. Justin Wayne, this bill would end the two-year delay before Nebraskans are able to vote after completing their felony sentence or probation.

The bill is on the agenda for Select File debate today and likely will come up in the afternoon. Senators voted 28-8 to advance the bill on General File on March 31.

We support this bill because the current waiting period needlessly punishes people even after they have served their time and paid their debt to society. It disproportionately impacts people with low incomes and communities of color.

Call or email your State Senator and urge them to support LB 75. Democracy works best when everyone has an opportunity to let their voice be heard and to make their vote count.

Constitutional convention resolution

Monday morning, the Legislature is set to begin debate on a risky proposal that would call for Nebraska to join a national constitutional convention.  LR 6 (Sen. Laura Ebke), would open the door for our state to eventually join a national movement that could radically alter the Constitution and endanger our democratic process that has stood for more than 200 years.

A similar measure was voted down last year, and we again oppose this resolution because it could lead to drastic, unpredictable changes to our nation’s founding principles.

Ongoing budget fights to protect kids and families

The budget debate is heating up as we approach the April 24 deadline for the Appropriations Committee to send a budget to the floor of the Legislature.

We are concerned about proposals that will leave our state budget unable to adequately fund some of our state’s biggest responsibilities.

In the next couple weeks, Senators will debate the dangerous LB 461, a large tax cut that primarily benefits the wealthiest Nebraskans with big costs to all of us. LB 461 would change our state’s tax structure to make it impossible to close our budget deficit in future years without drastic cuts to schools, child welfare, and other important investments that give all Nebraskans a better quality of life.

On Tuesday morning, child welfare advocates will hold a press conference at the State Capitol to voice serious concerns about the Governor’s proposal to cut millions of dollars from the foster care system, which will put more Nebraska children and families in danger.

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